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Loan of the Week – Next Generation

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Heading Into Our Next Generation of Lending

With over 3 decades in the business of alternative financing, we are one of the few Hard Money companies capable of lending in these uncertain times.  We continue to offer our services to those in need.  Below is just one of the many ways we can be of help, with our unique Alt-A Hard Money loan program.

Loan of the Week

Recently one of our brokers had a client who needed some fast funding.  He had to resolve some critical issues prior to building on one of his properties; There were permitting fees and road work that needed to be done and done quickly.

With an LTV of 53%, this loan of $750,00 was an easy one for us.

Even though this borrower would have qualified for a conventional loan, our Alt-A loan program was a better solution for him.  This program allows borrowers who don’t quite qualify for a conventional loan or who need a quick close, to access the financing they need without the usual lengthy process.  In addition, the interest rate on these loans is significantly lower than other hard money loan programs.

In 9 days, this Borrower was closing escrow and was able to secure all the necessary permits to begin work on his property!

If you are just shy of qualifying for a conventional loan, or need a fast close, give us a call at 707-523-2099.  We look forward to letting you know what we can do for you.

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