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We’re All Lined Up To Get You A Hard Money Loan!

Promo4 Bridge Financing – Part Of Our Skilled Line-Up

Bridge Financing – Part of Our Skilled Line-Up

A Mortgage Broker in Southern California reached out to us with an opportunity he was not able to do:

An owner-occupied bridge loan for $650,000 at 65% loan to value with Borrower who had poor credit. This was not a challenge for our hard money bridge loan program!

We often receive calls from other Brokers and lenders, who, for one reason or another, cannot get their underwriters to approve a loan scenario for their Borrower. Being in business for over 30 years now, Sun Pacific Mortgage is expert at Hard Money loans and consistently offers fast approvals and fast fundings.

Call Us Today at 707-523-2099. We are lined up and ready to get your loan approved and financed!

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