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Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Keeping costs down while improving your property is a definite “must”, especially for a rental.  Some of the more cost-effective ways to achieve the best return on your investment may be the following:

Paint:  You can change the entire perception of a property with the right paint color choice.  For example, paint can make a small room look larger or a dark space look brighter.

Hardware:  Replacing hardware like doorknobs and hinges or cabinetry handles can make a considerable difference to a space.

Fans:  These go a long way in giving a room an inexpensive facelift, especially if the existing fans are outdated.

Flooring:  Ripping out carpet and replacing it with vinyl plank, laminate or a less expensive prefab wood, can be done for quite an affordable price today.  Most renters would prefer an easy-to-clean floor covering.

Blinds:  Replacing older “apartment like” blinds with newer, modern versions is cost effective and can make a room pop.

Appliances:  Purchasing used appliances in nearly new condition can make any rental unit more appealing and possibly get you more rental income or increase home value. 

Countertops/cabinetry:  While this may be a more expensive upgrade, there are sources of countertop choices that are both economical and durable.  Cabinetry can be updated with paint or door replacement.  

Backsplash:  Believe it or not, this is a game changer for many renters and can transform a kitchen for well under $500.

Bottom line is even when on a tight budget, homes and rental units can be upgraded and updated to realize a higher value.

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