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Make Your Holiday Merrier With Our Loans!

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Internet Christmas card

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats Our entire family team is here to make your Holiday season merrier by providing fast loan approval and fast funding! Our Private Money programs have: – No covid regulations. – More forgiving qualifications. – Fast funding ability with many loans closed in…

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The Real Estate Market and the Election Year

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The Real Estate Market and the Election Year

Historically speaking, home sales typically slow down in the Fall after the spring and summer rush.  However, 2020 has been anything but “typical” across all aspects of our lives.  To make it more uncertain, 2020 has also been an election year. Election years have caused disruptions to the economy in the past, but once again,…

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Get That Loan Done By Christmas!

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Christmas Promo 6

We’re Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats Utilize our Private Money Programs to get yours or a Borrower’s loan done faster: – We’ve funded many loans in less than 1 week. – No covid regulations here. – Over 32 years in business and we’ve never run out of money. Recently…

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Brighten Up The Holidays With Our Loans!

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Holiday promo 1

Our private money programs can make your Holiday great! – FAST funding. – NO covid regulations. – Credit problems not an issue. Loan of the Week Recently, a local Mortgage Broker in Sonoma County sent his Borrower’s loan to us, due to some credit issues that popped up at the last minute. This Borrower needed…

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Get Ahead Of The Home-Buyer Competition

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Get Ahead Of The Home Buyer Competition

One phenomenon that has surprised many home seekers this year is the competition that awaits them when they begin their search.  With the pandemic restrictions, many assumed that the housing market would slow down, but that has hardly been the case, especially here in California. California homebuyers’ demands have escalated for several reasons, primarily because…

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Let’s Get Your Loan Funded For The Holidays!

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Let’s Get Your Loan Funded For The Holidays!

We’re Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats – Use our Private Money Programs and close fast. – We’ve never run out of money after 32 years of being in business. – We finance owner occupied and investment properties. Recently Funded: Finance Program:  Investment Property Purchase Loan Size:  $363,250 Location:  Windsor,…

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This Economy’s Recovery is a Surprise to Even the Most Experienced Economists

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Remember back in March when it was all gloom and doom relative to the economy?  The predictions were downright apocalyptic not just for California but most of America!  It was even going to be another Great Depression.  Fast forward to September…while the country is still a little unstable, it is evident that we will not…

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Turned Down Elsewhere for Home Loan?

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Turned Down Elsewhere for Home Loan

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats We offer FAST private money financing for your real estate needs: – Direct Lenders – FAST Loans – More forgiving qualifications with NO covid regulations. Loan of the Week A Broker from Santa Clara called us, requesting fast help with a client…

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Where Would You Move To?

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Where Would You Move To

This is the question that is on many minds in the North Bay after several years of fires, evacuations, power outages, and poor air quality.  The answer isn’t easy.  With a global pandemic and economic upheaval facing us almost everywhere we turn, the solution might just be to stay put.  On considering the alternatives, most…

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Want Your Loan Funded?

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Want Your Loan Funded?

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats Our Private Money programs can help your Borrowers and Buyers who’ve been turned down elsewhere! Call 707-523-2099 with your scenarios today. Loan of the Week We were recently contacted by a Broker who had a Borrower in need of a fast loan. …

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