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Smart Home Gadgets to Increase Your Rental’s Appeal

Smart Home Gadgets To Increase Your Rental’s Appeal

If you are looking to upgrade your rental property without spending a fortune, here are some high-to-moderate tech improvements you can implement that can appeal to potential renters: 

  • Smart Door Locks-$200:  These allow the renter to remotely lock and unlock the doors with a mobile app allowing contractors to access the property without a key.  It also records who enters the property when. 
  • Smart Thermostats-$200:  The most important benefit of this improvement is the potential to save energy when no one is home.  They are also controllable by a smartphone. (example: Nest)
  • Smart Security System-$200:  These systems allow you to monitor what’s going on at home from anywhere.  You can also set up alerts to notify you if motion or sound is detected. (example:  Canary)
  • Smart Smoke & CO Detectors-$100:  False alarms can be silenced through your mobile app.  This feature is especially appreciated when you burn dinner, and your smoke alarm shrilly announces it to the entire neighborhood.  Low battery chirps can be controlled, too. 


These suggestions can also be implemented in your own home to simplify your life and add a sense of security.  

If you want more information on these gadgets see:   https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/2016-07-07-landlords-invest-smart-home-tech7-gadgets

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