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Fast Hard Money Loans at Good Rates!

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Turned down elsewhere? Hard Money could be exactly what you’re looking for!

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The Last of us

High Yield Investment Opportunities throughout California!

Family Owned and Operated
Becoming a Private Investor with us can earn you upwards of 13% in return!

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We offer FAST Hard Money Financing and Trust Deed Investing throughout California!

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Only TWO main qualifications for a Hard Money loan:

1. Equity or a decent down payment.
2. An ability to repay the loan.

Loan Info

  • Loan amounts start at $150,000* and go up from there.
  •  Credit score not generally a factor (bad or poor credit – we can still help you!).
  • Up to 75% LTV, case by case basis.
  • Owner Occupied, Investor, Commercial, and Condominium financing.
  • Fast Funding ability.

*Sonoma County loan amounts vary, call today!

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Ken Walker at Sun Pacific Mortgage is a terrific person to work with!  He quickly organized a hard money loan at a reasonable rate for us to complete grading and drainage work on a parcel of land that we purchased.  Then, when our plans changed and we needed to extend the loan period, he negotiated with the lender to extend the loan for up to another year at the same terms.  I highly recommend his services!

Tom M.

These guys are very local and well trusted.  Forest has been around a while and stakes his family reputation on his business performance.  In the past year, my husband and I have used him for investment opportunities and appreciate working with him and his get-it-all-done Arlene.  I am very satisfied and appreciative of Sun Pacific.

Kathy M.

The entire family and staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage are the best hands down.  They are honest, direct, professional, quick, efficient and realistic.  We are able to move into a home of our dreams because God allowed us to come across this awesome business!  It’s like when everyone else seemed to be against, us, Sun Pacific found a way to make things happen.  We closed on our home on 12/10/15 and we cannot thank them enough.

Lakerie Williams

I give you 5 stars!

Victoria S.