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Becoming An Investor With Sun Pacific Mortgage

Becoming an investor with us is a pretty straightforward process. After contacting us to be an investor, we will send you our “Investor welcome email” and add you to our Investor email database. This database is managed in-house and never shared or sold. In this Investor welcome email, we include the following attachments :

  1. An example of what our Trust Deed Offerings look like as we email these out to you.
  2. An investor legal questionnaire form which is simple to fill out and is required by the State prior to investing in any TD offerings.
  3. CA Bureau of Real Estate Trust Deed Investing booklet for further information on investing.
  4. An Investor Newsletter from our Broker to our Investors.

When You Receive Trust Deed Emails From Us

If you have any interest in an Offering, reply to the email as soon as possible – you are not approving the loan, you are just notifying us you are interested.  Your response goes directly to both our Broker and our Lead Loan Originator. They will know you have an interest and will respond back.

If the loan isn’t yet approved/taken by another Lender, a safe link will be sent to you with applicable items such as loan application, property detail, etc. – which we call the “loan package”.  Upon receipt, this is when you do a more thorough review of the opportunity and complete your own due diligence of the investment.  However, if the Offering has already been sold, you will be informed and we will keep more offerings coming.

Note: You will always hear back from us within 24 hours no matter if you become the investor or not in a particular deed of trust.  If you do not receive an email, please do call our office at 707-523-2099 so we can resolve any potential email/spam issues.

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There is no obligation to you and we guarantee your privacy.  We are a licensed Broker and have worked with multitudes of private investors, some with us since 1988.


    Note: Your information will never be given out or sold. Only someone from our family company will review your information and be in touch soon.


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    Hard Money Investor Tutorial