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Taking the Fear Out of Home Buying

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Taking the Fear Out of Home Buying

The present state of the real estate market is classified as a “Seller’s Market”.  That alone is enough to frighten any potential home buyer. Add to that a first-time buyer’s anxiety and you have every reason for “buyer’s paralysis”.  It doesn’t need to be that way, though. With a well thought out plan, a trusted…

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Furniture Arrangement Matters

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Furniture Arrangement Matters

It is important to consider the use of the space when designing furniture placement in a home. Be it staging a house to sell quicker or catch a higher purchase price; How about setting up one’s home for better comfort and entertainment.  Furniture makes the room, but the placement of the furniture matters just as…

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ALT-A Hard Money Offers FAST Funding!

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What can we do for you and your Borrower or Homebuyer? Get that loan funded and fast! “I have recently got a hard money loan and am very pleased with the results. Forest has a powerful team that works fast and knows what they are doing. They coordinated with the escrow company, the lenders and me…

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Smart Home Gadgets to Increase Your Rental’s Appeal

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Smart Home Gadgets to Increase Your Rental’s Appeal

If you are looking to upgrade your rental property without spending a fortune, here are some high-to-moderate tech improvements you can implement that can appeal to potential renters:  Smart Door Locks-$200:  These allow the renter to remotely lock and unlock the doors with a mobile app allowing contractors to access the property without a key. …

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What Are Buyers Looking for in Homes Today?

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What Are Buyers Looking for in Homes Today 1

Sellers are always curious about what features will make their home stand out to possible buyers.  Based on a recent survey conducted by, Millennials are more interested in a big backyard than air conditioning.  Other findings included: Updated kitchens with new appliances are more important than updated bathrooms.  Most people surveyed ranked updated kitchens…

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What Happened With San Francisco and the Peninsula Real Estate?

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What Happened With San Francisco and the Peninsula Real Estate

According to one of the recent reports on the real estate market in San Francisco, the average sale price in September for a single-family home was $2,091,655, an increase of $251,312 over August.  The average days on the market was 28. The inventory of properties for sale in San Francisco as of October 5, 2019…

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Do Home Loans Have To Be So Painful?

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Do Home Loans Have To Be So Painful

If it’s the American Dream to own one’s own home, then why is it made so difficult for so many to achieve?  And does it have to be that difficult?  One California broker has recently taken a good look and come up with a new way to open more doors.  It’s a key designed to…

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No Need To Be Frightened… We Can Get You That Loan!

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No Need To Be Frightened We Can Get You That Loan

Don’t be frightened if you or a client just missed out on qualifying for conventional financing.  We can help with our Hard Money loan programs:  – Backed by over 3 decades of trust! – Fastest funding within 48 hours! – Unique Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *6%! Loan of the Week…

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Backed By More Than 30 Years Of Trust!

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NorthBay Biz Top 500

We are privileged to have repeat and referred borrowers, realtors, lenders and brokers who have been placing their trust in us for the past 30 years and more.  It’s a trust we could never buy. It is a trust you can count on.  If you or a client is just shy of qualifying for conventional…

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Are Bay Area Real Estate Statistics Fluctuating?

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Are Bay Area Real Estate Statistics Fluctuating

Have you been wondering what happened in the real estate market last month?  Below find some interesting facts regarding average sales prices for single family homes that might either surprise you or confirm your suspicions: San Francisco: $1,840,343.  Down $126,907 from July Menlo Park:  $2,744,629.  Up $159,895 from July Foster City: $1,900,846.  Down $29,862 from…

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