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Tips To Get Your Home Purchase Offer Accepted

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Tips To Get Your Home Purchase Offer Accepted

Real estate availability may be loosening up, but if you encounter a good buy and want to strengthen your chances of snagging it, here are some tried-and-true tips to remember when presenting your offer: Increase Your Budget:  First-time buyers may be looking in a lower price range, which is one of the most competitive markets. …

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New Release! Alt-A Financing

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New Release! Alt-A Financing

Alt-A Hard Money Loan! By The Guys in the White Hats  This is for borrowers who are just shy of qualifying for “A” paper.  This Brand-New program offers low hard money rates from 6% – 8%! – Fastest Funding Around (many funded in less than 5 days) – Borrowers with good credit (640+) – Lower Loan To Value…

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Bay Area Second Quarter Home Prices

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Bay Area Second Quarter Home Prices

Except for San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, home prices in the Bay Area remained relatively flat according to data provided by local Multiple Listing Services.  Year-over-year prices flatlined across the Bay Area, except in Santa Clara and Sonoma Counties where prices retracted. All four of these counties, however, have reached historically high real estate…

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Fast Financing For Those Turned Down Elsewhere!

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fastest funder

You or your client being turned down elsewhere for a home mortgage?  This is where we can come in and help with our alternative financing programs – also known as Hard Money. Call us at 707-523-2099 today with any questions or scenarios you have. We’ll get back to you quickly! Recently Funded Through Our Office…

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Difficult-To-Prove Income? We Have the Answer.

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Difficult To Prove Income We Have the Answer

Self-employed borrowers have always had a difficult time proving their credit worthiness; however, there is a solution.  Despite the roll-back on mortgage regulations, there is a product known as an “alternate documentation” loan, which has helped potential homeowners overcome this obstacle. Let’s look at a variety of situations which might make income verification difficult:  Today’s…

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Turned Down Elsewhere? We Can Help Get You Fast Loan Approval!

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Loan Turned Down Elsewhere We Can Help

Despite being turned down by other Underwriters or Lenders, get fast approvals and funding of loans here! Make us your first and favorite Hard Money Lender. We can help those turned down elsewhere and our specialty is speed. Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us back with any scenario.  We will you know quickly…

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Skillfully Funded Loan  of The Week!

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Skillfully Funded Loan of The Week!

Non-Owner Purchase – Daly City, California  A Mortgage Broker contacted us about a Borrower who was having difficulty getting loan approval for an investment property purchase.  He had another property which had incurred some late-payment penalties and so his credit wasn’t good enough.  This was not an issue for our Hard Money loan programs! Within…

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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Drama du Jour – Real Estate Stability

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Real Estate Stability

Lately, we have seen the financial media spouting fear, uncertainty, drama, and doubt.  Wall Street sends us on a roller coaster ride every day, while the Everyman continues to go to work, get the same paycheck, pay the bills and largely tries to ignore all the drama.  This explains why investing in Main Street has…

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Thinking of Renovating? Buckle up!

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Thinking of Renovating Buckle up Hard Money

Renovations have been known to lead to many unforeseen disasters, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  With the proper preparation and due diligence, pretty much anything can be avoided. We have all heard the horror stories of living a totally upended life during a renovation, and of timelines being ignored by professional contractors.…

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Hard Money – More Of The Short Story

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jpeg 2

WHAT IS HARD MONEY…. Hard money loans are funded by private individuals. It is not money from a bank. The loans are used to handle a problem in the profile of the Borrower. They are usually short term (1 to 5 years) and can be funded quickly.  We have over 500 individual Investors who invest through…

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