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We are looking for more Investors. If you or anyone you know is interested in real estate investing, please call us at (707) 523-2099

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Hello to all Interested Investors,

Becoming a Private Investor with us can produce high yield on your investments. We regularly have available Trust Deed Offerings and email these to our Investors throughout the week.

With real estate investing, your investment is secured. By lending money to individuals, you secure this loan as a mortgage against their real estate.  This of course is all done through an Escrow company, we never touch your money.

Some California Borrowers need a fast loan, have poor credit, want to buy a dump property to fix up or difficult-to-prove income due to being self-employed, resulting in being turned down elsewhere for a loan.  However, if they have a decent down payment or existing equity, and have an ability to repay, then they know that they can most likely get a loan from us.  This is where you come in, as the private investor.

Since 1988, when we first started as a family owned and operated company, we have done thousands of hard money loans.  We have had the honor to work with hundreds of different investors, who were interested in investing in California real estate.  The majority are still with us today, as we have become known for our integrity and honesty.

If you are interested in making high yield investments, please call us at 707-523-2099 and we will let you know how we can start working together.

The Sun Pacific Family Team

Click here to view examples of recently funded Trust Deed offerings.

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