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Integrity  •  Knowledge  •  Honesty   –   January 2021

2020 Year-End Review

197 Loans Funded in 2020 for over $68M

In spite of Covid, Real Estate and Lending did very well in 2020.  It looks to be more of the same in 2021.

There was a lot of uncertainty with what Covid was going to bring for the Real Estate market.  The leading minds we follow in lending and real estate all predicted strong increases for the year.  Their predictions all came to fruition.  We saw this in our office as well.

The Market Now….

Rates are running low – as they have been most of the year. But, it is tough to qualify.  Not everyone can get a loan.  This has been good for our business.

Loan brokers and Realtors have discovered private money due to qualifying issues.  We “invented” a new type of private money loan called the Alt-A Private Money loan.  Brokers and Realtors are able to use this to get ‘er done.

Real Estate values are up, purchases are up, and we see no reason that this would change.

33 Years and still going strong…

Lynn and I celebrated 33 years in the loan business on January 11th.  Time has sure flown for us.  I remember back to January 1988 when it was Lynn and I in a little 2-person executive suite in the Stony Point Business Park.

I also remember when we were a 30-person office in our 2 buildings on Farmers Lane.

I am really enjoying what has evolved to be a true Family Business with my oldest Son, Broker and his lovely spouse, Loan Originator, working here as well as my sisters Team and Team. As soon as the Grand Babies grow up, we will get them in here too!

Thanks to all who have contributed to our perennial success.  It takes a village, as we certainly can attest.

Looking forward to continued success in 2021!

Fk Integrity  •  Knowledge  •  Honesty   -   January 2021

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Year End Review – Our Investor Newsletter