Get More Buyers To Your Listings Over the Holidays

As a Home Seller or the Realtor listing a house, Holidays are generally considered “slower” or “not the best listing time”. But selling a house over the Holidays can be done if you put some of the below tips to work for you, to drive in more potential Buyers to your listing(s).

Buyahome598After almost 29 years working as a Real Estate Agent in Sonoma County, I have had many a listing that was on the market over the Holidays. Instead of becoming depressed as “nobody would be looking”, I decided to start finding ways to attract interested home buyers.

The below tips are ones I religiously did and one for one got my listing(s) sold – even during the Holidays!

Home Seller and Agent tips of how you can drive in more Buyers to your listings over the holidays:

#1. Simple staging with Christmas colors and items such as putting out scented candles, Holiday towels in the bathrooms, Holiday kitchen hand towels, a wreath on the entrance, etc.

#2. Have CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) printed out and displayed at the listing, showing the value of the home.

#3. Have loan analysis’s at the listing for Buyers’ use. Many local Lenders are willing to give you loan scenarios for your listing purchase price, especially if they get to put their name and contact info on it.

#4. Have a welcoming curb appeal as much as possible. One should at least have the lawn mowed and landscaping clean.

#5. Post open houses and homes for sale on Craigslist. This is free and you would be surprised how many people search Craigslist!

#6. Post an ad in the local newspaper (such as Press Democrat for a Santa Rosa home sale). These are quite inexpensive and can be quite efficacious in letting a possible Home Buyer know about your real estate sale.

#6. When you do have an open house, posting your open house signs at main intersections and not just around the house itself.

I wish you a Happy Holiday season and hope these tips help you sell your house or listing faster!

Best, Lynn
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Tips To Become A Real Estate Investor

I read an article about Warren Buffett’s saving advice and I immediately thought of the many private investors I work with – and the many individuals who are interested/may be interested in being a private investor in California real estate.

100 Dollar Bill And Sign

When I was a kid I worked hard as a newspaper boy and enjoyed counting the coins I collected as payment of my hard work. And as the eldest of 6 other siblings with a full time working mother, I definitely saw what it took to raise a family. Early on decided I to create a good living for my family by building my own successful business.

I now have the honor to work with other individuals who want to make money and a good living for themselves and their family, as a Hard Money Broker. After almost 29 years in the Sonoma County real estate and mortgage business, I have become quite experienced in Buyer financing and now specialize in alternative financing, known as Hard Money and Private Money Loans.

Being a Private Investor can yield upwards of 13% interest. And having Borrowers and Home Buyers with “good skin” in the game, meaning house down payments of at least 25% with only 1-5 year term financing, one can agree this sounds like a smart investment.

For those interested in investing in real estate, California has a lot of prime real estate. Not just in Santa Rosa where I live, but the rest of Sonoma County as well as San Francisco, Napa, Novato and Marin – just to name a few – are all very desirable. And job growth is strong here in the North Bay, meaning more people who want to buy homes or rent!

This article has some good tips for anyone really, who wants to work on some tried and true ways to save up some money which you can then in turn use to further invest in real estate:

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Myth Busting About Home Buying – Time To Act Now

This KCM infographic is pretty much to the point.

Potential home buyers aren’t always completely informed as to minimum qualifications for buying a home. Now IS the time to honestly do the work and FIND OUT your home buying qualifications. There are conventional financing options, FHA, portfolio and hard money financing options. Don’t regret not really finding out if you do in fact qualify now to buy a home.

Some of the highlights from this KCM blog to take away:

“Interest Rates are still below historic numbers.
“88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months!
“Credit score requirements to be approved for a mortgage continue to fall. The 723 average score is the lowest since Ellie Mae began reporting on scores in August 2011.
“The average first-time home buyer down payment was 6% in 2015 according to NA”

Best, Broker – Another Guy in the White Hat

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Original link to KCM post:

A Local Look: Affordability for Renters, Buyers

By Satinder Haer, Zillow

With the real estate market growing faster than incomes since the recession, affordability is an issue across the country. Is it more affordable to rent or own? At any time, the answer depends on a number of complex, shifting factors: local real estate market conditions, mortgage interest rates and your personal financial situation, among others. However, the data continues to suggest that on a monthly basis, buying remains a better bargain than renting.

Renting is less affordable than ever before while purchase affordability is at an all-time high. Historical data show from 1985 to 2000, renters could expect to spend about 24.5 percent of their monthly income on rent. In the third quarter of 2015, renters spend roughly 30.2 percent of their monthly income on rent—the highest percentage on record. Homeowners on the other hand, are faring even better than they were before 2000. Historically, homeowners spent approximately 21.3 percent of their monthly income on their mortgage payments. Comparatively, Q3 2015 buyers can expect to put just 15 percent of their monthly income toward a mortgage. Renters are forced to spend more of their paycheck on rent than they did before the real estate bubble and bust while homeowners spend less.

California’s real estate market diverges from the national norms. The percentage of income required to afford rent in popular California markets is significantly higher than the national average. In extremely high demand markets such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, renters can expect to spend 48.8 and 47 percent of their monthly income on rent, respectively. San Diego and San Jose rental prices are comparatively more affordable, but still hover above 40 percent. Therefore renters in San Diego or San Jose are spending an average of 10 percentage points more of their monthly income to afford rent than their counterparts in different states.

Even purchasing a home is less affordable in California than in any other state. Only five metros across the nation experienced decreasing mortgage affordability after the Great Recession and four of them are in California (the fifth is Denver, CO). Buyers who want to own in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego can expect to put more of their monthly income toward a mortgage than they would have historically. However, buyers still spend a smaller portion of their paychecks on housing than renters in these markets.

Overall, the data show you’ll put less of your monthly income toward a mortgage than a rental payment. If you purchase in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or San Jose you save more each month than renting. Outside these four hotspots, purchasing a home is more affordable than it has historically ever been. If your goal is to put less of your monthly income toward housing and you have the savings for a down payment, buying may be the way to go.




Recently Funded Deals – The Holidays Can Be Brighter

The Holiday season is right around the corner. This time seems to bring about the need for more money: Thanksgiving family get-togethers travel and Christmas presents!

Why not make this Holiday season less stressful, more joyful and just easier with a house or investment property refinance? Or, how about getting a hard money loan to buy your family a home for the Holidays?!

We hope some of the below recently funded deals will further enlighten you as to how we can help you, your client, a friend or family member. Besides non-owner occupied financing, we offer principal residence financing including short term or bridge financing anywhere in California.

Call Us Today at 707-523-2099 with your real estate finance scenarios and see how we can help!


Broker & Broker, The Guys in the White Hats
P.S. We love referrals!


NOTE: Get our financing despite credit circumstances, self employed difficult-to- prove income, need of fast financing, property a fixer, etc! We finance investment properties, owner occupied properties, multi-units, some commercial and land throughout California.

Type: Non-Owner Business Purpose
Amount: 250,000
Days to fund: 10 days!
Reason needed: Difficult to prove income

Type: Owner Occupied Refinance 2nd
Amount: 200,000
Days to fund: 12 days!
Reason needed: Self Employed

Type: Owner Occupied Purchase
Amount: 328,000
Days to fund: 7 days!
Reason needed: Needed cash fast for closing

Type: Investment Property Refinance
Amount: 340,000
Days to fund: 19 days!
Reason needed: Owned multiple properties

Type: Fix and Flip purchase
Amount: 287,000
Days to fund: 18 days!
Reason needed: Property condition poor

Type: Owner Occupied Purchase
Amount: 362,000
Days to fund: 14 days!
Reason needed: Credit Poor

Type: Non Owner Cash-Out Bridge
Amount: 460,000
Days to fund: 14 days!
Reason needed: Needed Cash Fast to Close on Another Property

Is It Still A Good Time To Buy A House In California?

The answer would be, “YES!”.

Now is still a great time to become a homeowner, especially as shown in the recent KCM blog Buying a Home Remains 35% Less Expensive than Renting!, wherein it states “Nationally, rates would have to rise to 10.6% for renting to be cheaper than buying – and rates haven’t been that high since 1989.” (Original link below.)


In California there are numerous types of real estate financing for a traditional or conventional home loan. However, for a home buyer who has bad credit or poor FICO, needs fast funding, wants to buy a fixer property or is self employed with difficult to prove income, then there is alternative financing known as Hard Money or Private money loans.

No matter if you live in sunny San Diego of Southern California, on up the Pacific coast of Monterey Bay, through Northern California cities including San Francisco, Santa Cruz & Marin, all of Sonoma County and on up through Humboldt to the Oregon border, Hard money financing could be beneficial if your loan has been turned down elsewhere.

Contact your local Broker or Loan Originator and GET PRE-QUALIFIED. Even if you think you don’t qualify – find out for sure! It truly is just a math equation as to what loan program is best for you, to be able to buy now.

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The KCM blog link:

Want To Buy a Home But Loan Keeps Getting Turned Down?

Bridge Loan 1Do you have loan approval issues due to poor credit? Are you self employed with difficult to prove income? Or are you just tired of calling and searching for someone who is licensed and trustworthy to help get you the loan you need or want?
If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then read on!
This is where my alternative finance company can step up. We have been in business for over 28 years and I am a licensed California Broker as well as have a National Mortgage License. We have the experience under our belts and the honesty comes in by being family owned and operated with returning customers again and again, as well as referrals from them, since 1988.
Home prices and values are on the rise, which just means if you are thinking of buying a house, you want to do it sooner than later to keep your monthly mortgage payments from increasing.
This is proven quite simply in a recent Press Democrat article “Q3 Market Summary” by Jonathan Soh, Brokerage Manager of Sotheby’s International Realty Wine Country Brokerage wherein he states in the Santa Rosa Marketing Summary (Single Family Homes), “Average Sales Price increased by 3% from $537,967 in Q3 2014 to $555,438 in Q3 2015…”
Anyone who lives in California, or wants to live in California: Southern CA and Northern CA – yes, this includes Sonoma County, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Napa, San Mateo, Marin, etc. – and is having problems getting a loan, give us a call and see how we can help!
Still want proof we can help? Check our what our past borrowers and real estate agents we’ve work with have to say:
It can’t hurt to call us at 707-523-2099 and find out what hard money loan programs we have to match your real estate scenario.

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History Behind Fix & Flip Financing, a.k.a. Hard Money Loans

History Behind Fix & Flip Financing,
a.k.a. Hard Money Loans

Knowing exactly what hard money is, and not what someone else thinks it is, can be helpful now and in the future.

In August, the Trust Deed Capital Blog came out with “The History Behind Fix and Flip Financing” (link and article below). This hard money article got me to thinking how many home buyers I have spoken to, as well as numerous Real Estate Agents. A majority of them do not truly know what a hard money loan, also known as private money, and it’s actual benefits.

This type of real estate financing is not only useful for your California “fix and flips” or “remodel & resell” properties but it can be quite helpful to individual home buyers who have been turned down elsewhere for a mortgage or refinance due to poor credit, self employed with difficult-to-prove income, etc. It can also be helpful to an Investor who owns multiple properties and therefore is not qualified for another mortgage on another rental – at least per his bank and local credit union.

Being sure you have an experienced and licensed Broker to help with a hard money loan is very important. You want to make sure you are getting the facts and with integrity.

If you are in Southern California areas like Santa Barbara, Glendale and Arcadia or how about Northern California areas like Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Santa Clara, we are always available to answer any of your questions or help you out with a hard money alternative financing.

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The History Behind Fix and Flip Financing
Posted by Broker Meyer on Tues, Aug 04, 2015

Is Hard Money For You?


Hard money loans aren’t for everyone, but, those with less than stellar credit, needing a quick loan, wanting to fix up a property, all fall within the parameters of why hard money is beneficial.

If a Borrower qualifies for conventional or traditional financing, I tell them. Not only is it legal but it is the right thing to do.

However, what about those who want to buy a dump property and fix it up? What about the home buyer who was just turned down by their bank for a home loan yet they are already in Escrow and need a loan quickly so they don’t lose out on that house? What about someone with a bankruptcy within the past couple of years?

A Hard Money loan is the answer.

There was a good blog posted by Trust Deed Capital in August called “Quick Hard Money Loan Structure Explained”, that explains in pretty good detail what hard money is and how it is beneficial Money-Guy-Walking-With-Bag-Of-Money(link to article below).

After 28 years in Sonoma County, our family company has helped thousands of home buyers and home owners, investors and other real estate agents and lenders to get a hard money loan and accomplish the deal they were working on!

Anyone who lives in or wants to live in California – Northern CA and Southern CA ( yes, this includes Sonoma County, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Napa, San Mateo, Marin, etc.) who is having problems getting a loan, give us a call and see how we can help.

Best, Broker – The Guy in the White Hat

Hard Money Broker and Owner at family owned & operated Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, Serving all of California Since 1988!
CA Bur RE ID #01000559. NMLS ID #289456

Quick Hard Money Loan Structure Explained:–DeNuMOJJRwxQxB7lBRu1wPaOfUeiIaA0RnKHG9ydpF5sExHcEsZivjx6BLuIfZha8htH7rsV9QHtc-82jJFpX_ZAuGA&_hsmi=21218492

Don’t Give Up. You COULD Qualify To Buy A Home NOW.

Don’t Give Up. You COULD Qualify To Buy A Home NOW.

Home buying CAN become a reality. There are many loan programs available and families might just qualify to buy now – but they have to look for experienced lenders and agents to help get them all the information out there. DON’T GIVE UP.

Persistence. Experience. Sincerity. Caring. These are traits any Realtor and Lender or Broker should have when you decide to work with them. You need to know all your options for BUYING NOW.

Cost-Of-Waiting-KcmThe KCM Crew just wrote another great blog called “The Cost of Waiting To Buy a Home”. It lays it out pretty clearly how waiting to save up for more of a down payment or waiting until your credit is the highest you can get it, just costs you more money down the road when you actually buy your home.

Stop waiting, wondering and hoping. It’s time to take action and find your local licensed, experienced, honest and persistent Agent who can provide you with what you need to get into a home – sooner than later.

If you want any information about alternative financing due to poor credit, difficult to prove income, property a fixer, etc. then don’t hesitate to call my office at 707-523-2099 and we can provide this. We are located in Santa Rosa and have been offering hard money loans (also known as private money) for over 28 years. We offer $100,000 on up to jumbo size loans in the North bay areas, South bay areas and actually throughout all of California.

Best, Broker – The Guy in the White Hat

Hard Money Broker of family owned and operated Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate company, serving all of California since 1988!
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Original KCM blog link:

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