Hard Money Loan of the Month – March

Rush Santa Rosa home loan rescued after being stalled by another Lender

This past month’s “Loan of the Month” is highlighted for a few reasons, the primary reason being the speed in which it arrived to my hard money office in Santa Rosa, and got approved to fund: 1 day!

HomeThis principal residence home loan was a referral from a busy Sonoma County Realtor.  The Home Buyer had been pre-approved by another Lender but after 6 weeks, and still no loan approval, they had to do something else!

The principal Home Buyer was a recently widowed father of 2 children.  He had really good income as proven by his 2015 Fed taxes and a 5% down payment.  His Dad brought in additional collateral from his own house in Oregon for around another $100,000.   This collateralized property had average comps valued at $250,000 so brought in a loan to value of about 40%. That made it about 75% loan to value on a completely remodeled property in Santa Rosa, CA – which our Private Investors definitely can finance!

The Buyers Agent jumped through about a million hoops to make sure all items needed to process the loan came through in timely fashion.  She also made the Buyers perfectly comfortable with the Hard Money financing for their Santa Rosa purchase.

We sent out this First Deed of Trust for $470,000 for 12 months.  The purchase price was $495,000 for this home loan.  Combined loan to value was 95%.  We received this hard money loan request on January 26, 2016 and had full loan approval on the 27th!  The loan recorded on February 3rd.

End result was a very happy father, a happy family and relieved & happy Agents.

Sun Pacific Investor Quarterly – March 2016

California Mortgage Association Conference

Our office is a member of the CMA. It is the leading association for Hard Money Brokers.

We just returned from the 2016 CMA Winter Conference. Attendees included Hard Money lenders, lawyers, servicers, insurers and Hard Money lobbyists.

The purpose of the Conference is to keep Members abreast of the constantly evolving lending rules and regulations. This allows us, and you – as the Lender – to operate safely within the law.

We make it a point to attend all 4 Conferences offered per year.

I suggest you make sure any Broker you do your loans with is doing something other than the required continuing education to protect you as the Lender in Hard Money loans.


The Conference covered many relevant topics. Two items that have really come to the fore in our operation are 1. Servicing of loans and 2. Qualification of Investors.

Servicing Loans: Lynn and I have never serviced loans in our office and likely never will. For many Hard Money lenders it is a big profit center. It was just never our bag. We did though, provide certain elements of servicing as a customer service to our Investors. We’d make phone calls to late payers, write dunning letters if need be and really just gave service after the sale.

It has come to the point now though, that our counsel to Investors is to definitely have the loan serviced. Especially with the volume of Dodd/Frank regulations, many of which apply to what you as the Lender must comply with in administering that loan after close of escrow.

The suggestion is a little self serving too, as it would take the burden of that follow up out of our hands and place it in the hands of a qualified and licensed Servicing company. Because, to be honest, it is time consuming considering the volume of loans we now do in my office and the number of Investors we have on the books.

It is peace of mind for $20 per loan, per investor. That is what is charged by Superior Loan Servicing, to whom we refer to the most. They are on top of the laws that apply to handling Borrowers on loans during the term of the loan and its ultimate reconveyance. You can also check with Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc.

If you have questions regarding servicing, you can call me for further information or better yet, go to www.superiorloanservicing.com and /or www.redwoodtrustdeedservices.com.

Ask us to set up your next loan for servicing.

Qualification of Investors: In the past, if you had some money and said yes to a Trust Deed Offering, we put you into that loan as the Lender. As of January 1, 2013, the BRE mandated we qualify Investors. They came up with BRE Investor Questionnaire Form 870.

As the Broker, I must have that current form in your file in order for you to be the Lender on a Hard Money loan. I have to make a judgment call, based on that Form 870, as to your ability to be an Investor. It must be renewed every 12 months to determine your further ability to qualify as an Investor in Trust Deeds.

I mention it, because we have instituted a policy of follow up on this Form 870 in our office. It is a necessary evil for you as the Lender. So if Team or Team calls to get this form updated, it’s the law!

Recently Funded – We Can Do Big Deals

Not every Lender or Broker can fund Jumbo Loans nor can they rescue those troubled deals that just can’t seem to get loan approval.

Give us a shot and see how good we can be!

FkWe have seen an increase in larger size loans, also known as Jumbo Loans (greater than $417,000), and in speaking with other Brokers and Realtors, as well as Home Buyers, we have discovered a need for financing of such larger loans.

We can finance jumbo size loans, throughout Sonoma County, the Peninsula, all North Bay areas actually, central California, southern California and, honestly, anywhere in California! We have been a deal-saver more times than you may realize.

The following funded deals through our office hopefully give you an idea as to how we can help.

Recently Funded Transactions:

We finance Jumbo loans, Bridge and short term loans, Primary Residence or Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases for single and multiple units, some commercial and land. Get our financing despite credit score, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!

Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Bridge Loan for Primary Residence
Amount: $420,000
Days to fund: 24 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Needed fast loan to buy new home as still selling current

Monte Sereno, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Refinance/Trust/Owner Occupied
Amount: $1,023,000
Days to fund: 29 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, difficult to prove income

Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Investment Property Refinance
Amount: $350,000
Days to fund: 16 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Owns multiple properties and credit issues

Cupertino, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Refinance/Trust/Non-Owner Occupied
Amount: $700,000
Days to fund: 30 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Bankruptcy in recent years

Apple Valley, CA (San Bernardino County)
Loan Type: Primary Residence Purchase Temporary
Amount: $441,600
Days to fund: 19 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, and credit issues

San Jose, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Business Purpose 2nd
Amount: $300,000
Days to fund: 22 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Condition of property, working to upgrade it

Nipomo, CA (San Luis Obispo County)
Loan Type: Refinance of Commercial Property
Amount: $400,000
Days to fund: 25 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Divorce circumstances adversely affected credit score

Click this link for our rate sheet, showing the programs we offer

Become A Real Estate Investor

Hello to all Current, New and Potential Private Investors;

Real-Estate-Investors (1)Becoming a Private Investor can earn 8% to 13% in return!

By investing in real estate mortgages your investment is secured. Investing in mortgages isn’t only buying or selling of mortgages at a discount. It includes directly lending your [hard] money to individuals and securing that loan with a mortgage against their real estate.


California Borrowers who have poor credit, want to buy a dump property to fix up or difficult-to-prove income due to being self employed get turned down elsewhere.  But, if they have a decent down payment or existing equity, they know that they can most likely get a loan from us, and this is where you would come in.  We send out regular Trust Deed Offerings throughout the week for primarily 1st mortgage, some 2nd mortgages, on purchases and refinances and bridge loans for investment properties, owner occupied or principal residence properties and sometimes land and commercial properties.  We then work with those private investors who want such trust deeds.

We have the experience and sincere desire to help, so can make it easier by walking you through your trust deed investments. There are exact regulations to be an investor but it is easier than you would think.

As the Broker of Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, I have worked with hundreds of individuals since 1988, who were interested in investing in California real estate, for regular monthly, monetary returns.  The majority are still with us today, as we have become known for our integrity and honesty.


We are looking for more Investors. If you or anyone you know is interested in real estate investing, please send us a message through our website, below, or, call us at (707) 523-2099. 


Do you want to know more?  Click here to learn more about private investing:  https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com//tips-to-become-a-real-estate-investor/


Do You Prefer Experience Over Caring Service?

Honest and caring Brokers and Agents are important for any Buyer and Seller – for real estate and financial services.

A Group Of People Holding Up Question Marks In Front Of Their Faces.

The below noted KCM article reminded me of a first time Home Buyer I worked with, who was from out of town, and they told me that they had decided to go with our company because we were local and seemed personal.

What You Don’t Need To Hear From Your Listing Agent

By The KCM Crew February 9th, 2016


I of course thanked them for the compliment and mentioned that we were definitely experienced enough to help as we had just celebrated our 28th anniversary in business.  This particular home buyer was quite frank and said, “Well that’s nice, but to me I honestly picked your company foremost because of how it seems to care for it’s customers, based on all the testimonials I read. The experience is secondary, though also appreciated.”

I must admit that our customer service, being honest and just straight with each Home Buyer, Seller, Investor or other Agent has always been an important part of our family business.  However, it was more a “given” than it was a policy.  I realized after this particular client’s remarks that “caring” should not just be a “given” but a requirement for everyone, including the other affiliates, Brokers, Lenders and Agents we work with, in delivering service to all customers.

To some this might be normal but to many others, I’ve got to say that caring is not the top priority.  Well…it’s time to put the right “hat” on.

Do You Know What Is Best For Your Home Buyer or Seller?

Experienced real estate agents know they need to be familiar with the loan products out there for their buyers.Mortgage Loan Calculators

There are really only a few loan programs:

  • The government regulated (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA, VA)
  • In-House loans (credit unions and local banks)
  • Alternative financing, also known as “Hard Money”


The biggest advantage to Hard Money is, not only can it be fast, it is treated as a cash offer in most circumstances, thus assisting in strengthening one’s purchase offer.  It can also be used to purchase or refinance a dump-property, bad credit borrower, irregular income borrower, large cash-out borrower, Bridge loans, jumbo loans, etc.

The government regulated loans such as FHA are quite regulated.  More in-house loans are being done by credit unions and banks and can appear stronger in offers, but they still come with tighter loan qualifications.  Hard money has little bureaucracy, deals can be approved and closed in just a few days, there’s no red tape as to qualifications and rates are improving with the hot real estate market.

When you call us, you get the Loan Officer and the Underwriter on the phone in one person.  Within just a few minutes we can tell if it is real estate that we can finance. Our transactions can go very fast because in many instances, we do not need an appraisal.

We invite you to look at our Website www.sunpacmortgage.com to get more insight into what Sun Pacific Mortgage is all about.  We have been in the business for over 28 yeas now and are family owned and operated.

We only do Hard Money and we do it right!

Give us a call at 707-523-2099 and see what we can do for you and your home buyers.

Get Your Hard Money Questions Answered Here….

Even the most experienced conventional Brokers and Lenders might not know what a hard money loan is and how it can be beneficial to you…or them.

I have lost count of how many Realtors, traditional Lenders, friends and acquaintances have asked me the same question: “What is hard money?”.

Get Clear On Hard MoneyWell, the article “Hard Money 101: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Hard Money Loans”, posted by REtipster pretty much answers any question someone could have about hard money. Check it out:

I admit that I had very little understanding about this type of alternative financing when my parents asked me to move back to Sonoma County and work in the family business, after living on the East Coast for so many years. I’m sure glad my wife and I decided to live in Santa Rosa and participate in this unique real estate finance option as it has and can help so many home buyers!

I bought my own home in Santa Rosa using Hard Money as I was self employed and my wife had less than 2 years of tax returns from her W2 job. We couldn’t get a home loan from anyone we called, just kept getting turned down and this was despite us having a 25% down payment. We really did not want to miss out on this house, good area, nice neighborhood and close to a good school. So, we decided to get a Hard Money loan and boy are we glad we did! We found out from the Listing Agent that the Buyers accepted our offer as it was stronger than others, since we could close fast with the Hard Money financing, as it was virtually considered cash and it came from a company that was well known, having been in business for almost 25 years.

Since this time, as the Lead Loan Originator for Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, I have worked hard to help others understand the benefits of Hard Money financing (also known as Private Money). Sure it has higher interest rates but this is all relative to what one is currently paying in rent or will be paying for rent. Our family’s monthly payments increased by only $200 from our apartment we were renting but it was completely worth it as we got an entire house with a nice yard – and were able to refinance about 9 months later!

So the question really should just be, “Is Hard Money right for me?”. We know hard money is legitimate when gotten from a licensed Hard Money Broker and that it can be very beneficial in the right circumstances…just as it is with other types of conventional financing.

If you have any other questions or are interested in getting a Hard Money loan in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, North Bay or really anywhere in California, please do call me at our office 707-523-2099 and I will let you know how we can help.

Best, Broker – Another Guy in the White Hat

Lead Loan Originator at family owned and operated Hard Money Broker, Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, serving all of California since 1988!
CA Bur RE license #01858042. NMLS #1221130.

Hard Money Loan of the Month – April

Hard Money Loan of the Month
By Broker, Lead Loan Originator at Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

75% Loan to Value rehab loan in Oakland, California

Last month a borrower called needing a short term loan on a distressed property in Oakland, which he wanted to fix up and sell (flip).

SaveHe was in contract with a purchase price of $790,000, requesting a loan of $593,000 – a 75% loan to value loan for this distressed property in Oakland.

We got right to it and within 1 day, had loan approval with a 9.75% interest rate for a 3 year loan!

One of our favorite mottos has become, “If we say it can be done, we’ll get it done!”.

This Bay Area rehab loan was a win-win for all.

Our family owned and operated Hard Money financing company, Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate has served all of California since 1988. We have become known as The Guys in the White Hats and we offer short term (1-5 years) hard money loans for residential, owner occupied and non-owner occupied (SFR and multi-units), as well as for some land and commercial real estate.

Our loan amounts range from $100,000 on up through jumbo size mortgages ($400K – $1,000,000+) and interest rates range from 8-12%, interest only.

Click here to learn more about our specific alternative finance programs and rates as well as see more funded loans.

Recently Funded – Here To Help In 2016!

Here’s to you kicking off a fantastic new year in real estate by taking advantage of our alternative financing for you or your clients!


2015 marked another great year of Hard Money Loans from The Guys in the White Hats. January 2016 is our family company’s 28th year anniversary, serving all of California with our alternative finance programs!

This past year was very busy with many home buyers, home owners, Realtors and investors helped by our alternative financing programs, also known as hard money.

We recently expanded our family ranks and programs we offer, to be able to help even more people in this new year. (You can see our updated rate sheet below.)

We hope the following recently funded transactions through our office, give you a better idea as to how we can help you and/or your clients this year!

Broker & Broker, The Guys in the White Hats

P.S. We love referrals!

Recently Funded Transactions:

We finance Bridge and short term loans, Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases for single and multiple units, commercial and some land. Get our financing despite credit score, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!

Petaluma, CA
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Purchase
Amount: $420,000
Days to fund: 24 days
Reason needed: Credit score below 580

Apple Valley, CA
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Refinance
Amount: $341,600
Days to fund: 19 days
Reason needed: Self Employed with difficult to prove income

Santa Rosa, CA

Loan Type: Refinance of Non-Owner 2nd to handle a balloon payment
Amount: $377,000
Days to fund: 38 days
Reason needed: Had bankruptcy a couple of years back

San Anselmo, CA
Loan Type: Owner Occupied 2nd Business Purpose
Amount: $110,000
Days to fund: 15 days
Reason needed: Wanted to make improvements to the property

Penngrove, CA
Loan Type: Construction Non-Owner
Amount: $225,000
Days to fund: 25 days
Reason needed: Completing construction on a house

San Anselmo, CA
Loan Type: Bridge Loan
Amount: $235,000
Days to fund: 33 days
Reason needed: Wanted to buy another home while selling current one

Ukiah, CA
Loan Type: Commercial 2nd
Amount: $460,000
Days to fund: 21 days
Reason needed: Wanted to buy another piece of property

Click this link for our rate sheet, showing the programs we offer.

CALL TODAY, The Guys In The White Hats at
(707) 523-2099

The Key Attributes You Want In A Hard Money Broker

Having a local, truly experienced and educated Hard Money Broker behind you for your purchase or refinance is more important than you may think.

A recent Hard Money article in Trust Deed Capital BLOG covers the importance of this quite nicely. Titled “Qualities of Top Hard Money Lenders”, posted by Broker Meyer.

Success BullseyeI can say with complete certainty that after 28 years of Northern California real estate and mortgage experience under my belt, I can let a home buyer, investor or another real estate agent know within just a few minutes if they are qualified for a hard money loan or not.

Having extended my reach throughout California over the past 6 or so years, my family owned and operated alternative finance Brokerage is become more and more expert with the real estate in the Southern and Central California as well.

I have included the original link to the above mentioned article as well as the article itself below, it is important to share with anyone who is considering an alternative source of real estate financing due to poor credit, being turned down elsewhere, being self employed with difficult to prove income or you just need fast financing.

Best, Broker – The Guy in the White Hat
Co-owner and Hard Money Broker of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

Original blog link: http://www.trustdeedcapital.com/blog/qualities-of-top-hard-money-lenders?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=24398434&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8tkz6Ak3yltCxU3Rwac1qMELgzibNpeCWOfJMLyS58iwX7zSICwP7xuejDx-CGB22rF3yJqxOyUz-u4UvImBz_wKOI_A&_hsmi=24398434

Qualities of Top Hard Money Lenders

Posted by Broker Meyer on Tue, Dec 08, 2015
While it may seem, to the inexperienced, that hard money lenders operate in a “no man’s land,” the reality is, the top Hard Money Lenders have certain key characteristics in common. If you do decide to retain the services of a hard money lender, here are some of their best practices that you should be on the lookout for:
Excellent Reputation
If you are looking for a hard lender because you have been rejected by a bank, then you might be tempted to run to the first hard lender you can find to get your loan quickly. But do your due diligence first. Some hard lenders are genuinely interested in helping you finance your real estate project, but others are little more than loan sharks. Ask yourself some of the following questions as you areassessing potential lenders:

1. Does the lender have someone that you can meet with and contact? Some hard money lenders operate in all 50 states, but you might consider finding one who operates in your state. The most reputable hard money lenders will want to see the property you are planning to purchase firsthand.

2. Does this lender have a legitimate web site? Many hard money lenders have web sites that are designed to gather your information before passing it along to a third party. Avoid these kinds of sites.

3. Is the lender in good standing with its investors? Does the lender have any pending lawsuits from its investors over bad loans or foreclosed properties? If it does, this can be a red flag as to the financial health of the lender.

Seasoned Investing Knowledge

Most hard money lenders are not the mindless paper-shufflers that you find at a traditional lending institution that need to get acceptance for every decision that they make. Instead, they are seasoned investors who have been to this particular rodeo more than once and can quickly and efficiently vet a deal that is worthy.


Most hard money lenders have been in the real estate game for most of their adult life. They understand that manyproperty deals do not fall into the neat categories set by the traditional lending institutions in the industry. Their vast experience, however, allows them to evaluate a deal on its merits, rather than on some arbitrary criteria set up by a lending committee.


The hard money lending industry is a reputable one that recognizes the value of secure business transactions. For this reason, hard money deals are structured along the lines of traditional mortgages. That is, appraisals and inspections are done, escrow accounts are established, and standard written contracts are utilized. The whole point of the process being to protect the interest of both the borrower and the lender.

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