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To benefit you and your clients, we have just updated our rate sheet to easily show the alternative finance programs we offer taking into account the numerous changes, due to recent regulations handed down by the Feds.


Please let us know if you have any questions. And for sure let us know if you need our assistance for yourself, friend or any of your clients!

Ken & Forest – The Guys In The White Hats


Can Fixing & Flipping Be More Beneficial Or Harmful For You?

We all want to make money… it pays our bills, allows us to buy things we want and helps us more comfortably survive. So of course, when someone sees how “easy” it is to buy and flip a home for profit on TV, they want to try a slice of that cake to say they have tasted it’s sweet victory.

Pablo (2)Most people don’t like trying and then failing. But what happens when you try “doing what everyone else is doing” and don’t get the results expected? You could throw up your white flag and be done with it, or, you can isolate what the problem was in the first place and try again.  

Here are some aspects to have in place before you get started on any rehab type project, covered in more detail by this INVESTOPEDIA article, Top 5 Must-Haves For Flipping Houses: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/pf/07/flippers.asp

  • A Group of Experts
  • A Handyman or Knack for Home Improvement
  • A Good Lay of the Land
  • A Good Estimator
  • A Dose of Patience

With the correct value give to these points above, you success and profits could be greatly affected.

In the end, is it more beneficial or harmful for you to fix & flip a home?  That depends on if you like taking risks to accomplish your goals. As I’ve heard before, “Successful people take big risks knowing they might fall hard. But they might succeed more than they ever dreamed.”

Are you looking to invest in a rehab project but still need financing? If your favorite bank has turned you down, give Ken Walker of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate a call! (707) 523-2099


Private Lending Filling the Mortgage Gap

With Real Estate prices rebounding in California, it’s surprising to see banks still being cautious and lean only toward wealthier, lower-risk borrowers. This has left a widening gap in the mortgage industry between Lenders and potential Borrowers with less than perfect qualifications.  Mortgages in the U.S. last year totaled about 1.6 trillion, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. On a scale like that, Private Lending trails closely behind, with demand growing every year.

Middleman (1)These days, Borrowers typically only need one or more flaws in their qualifications to be denied traditional lending. This can be a huge disappointment to Borrowers who otherwise have fantastic qualifications and are in great need of help.

A perfect example can be found in a recent Wall Street Journal article posted here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/private-lenders-remodel-the-mortgage-market-1462984898

“Ms. Lewis is an executive director of Los Angeles County’s Mental Health Commission. She has over 22 years of equity in her home with an estimate worth of $600,000. A recent divorce and subsequent bankruptcy has ruined her credit and caused loan rejections from every bank she approached.”

As an experienced, longtime Private Money Broker operating in Sonoma County California, Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate could approve her loan based strictly on her job status, steady income, and available equity. Her recent bankruptcy would not affect her qualification in this scenario.

Have you been turned down for a loan due to less than perfect qualifications? Call Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate today! (707) 523-2099

Recently Funded – Providing More Options

Hard Money Provides …

  • A Quick Close

  • Multiple Options

  • Shorter term loan

  • Makes an impossible deal possible

“The entire family and staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage are the best hands down.  They are honest, direct, professional, quick, efficient and realistic.  It was like when everyone else seemed to be against us, Sun Pacific found a way to make things happen.  We cannot thank them enough! “ LW

See below for some of our recently funded loans, to get a better idea of our various real estate finance programs.

Let us help you, your clients, your family and friends! Call Us today at (707) 523-2099.


Ken and Forest, The Guys in the White Hats
Jpeg “The Entire Family And Staff At Sun Pacific Mortgage Are The Best Hands Down.  They Are Honest, Direct, Professional, Quick, Efficient And Realistic.  It Was Like When Everyone Else Seemed To Be Against Us, Sun Pacific Found A Way To Make Things Happen.  We Cannot Thank Them Enough! “ Lw
P.S. We love referrals!

Recently Funded:

Get our financing despite credit score, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!

We finance Jumbo loans, Bridge and short term loans, Primary Residence or Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases for single and multiple units, some commercial and land.


Windsor, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied 2nd
Days to fund: 15 days
Reason for Hard Money: Credit was poor

Modesto, CA (Stanislaus County)
Loan Type: Investment Property Cash-out Refinance
Days to fund: 29 days
Reason for Hard Money: Property needed fixing

Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Purchase Bridge Loan
Days to fund: 10 days
Reason for Hard Money: Needed fast cash to buy new home while selling old house.

Lakewood, CA (Los Angeles County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Purchase Temporary Loan
Days to fund: 16 days
Reason for Hard Money: Property a fixer

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)
Loan Type: Non-Owner Refinance
Days to fund: 8 days
Reason for Hard Money: Recent Bankruptcy

San Diego, CA (San Diego County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Business Purpose
Days to fund: 18 days
Reason for Hard Money: Self Employed, difficult to prove income

Sonoma, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Business Purpose
Days to fund: 9 days
Reason for Hard Money: Divorce circumstances adversely affected credit score

What Is An Owner Occupied Hard Money Loan?

Most Hard Money Lenders these days do not offer Owner Occupied financing programs, also known as a Principal Residence Loans, due to the amount of federal and state regulations that apply to them.

Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage, we will always have this loan program available because of the important niche it fills for so many Borrowers.  We continuously work to stay on top of the regulations that apply so that people have somewhere to go when they have have tarnished credit, difficult to prove income or are dealing with a problem property.

This type of program does have a higher interest rate but it allows a quick close, makes an impossible deal possible, offers various options and is generally a shorter term loan.

Typically, this type of loan will get paid off with a refinance into a 30 year fixed rate loan once the Home Owner is more able to qualify.

Some instances of when one might use an Owner Occupied/Principal Residence Loan are:

  • Buying a first or a 2nd
  • Refinancing a loan that has come due.
  • Pulling some cash out from the equity in one’s home, to do needed repairs or remodeling.
  • Getting some cash out for debt consolidation.
  • Getting some cash out for a business purpose.

You can find out about our rates and fees by checking out the Rate Sheet: https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/SPM_Programs_Rate_Sheet.pdf

Also feel free to call in to our office and within just a few minutes, we can let you know exactly what we can do for you: 707-523-2099.

What Makes a Hard Money Loan a Good Loan?

Hard Money loans are fantastic for short-term usage while investing in real estate. Depending on how it’s structured, a Hard Money loan can be available for as short as 3 months to as long as 5 years or longer. Traditional mortgage lending is often available for 10 years to up to 30 years. The real catch is when attempting to obtain a traditional mortgage on a distressed or vacant property.  It is extremely difficult to qualify and you will have a hard time finding a bank who will loan in this situation. Enter Hard Money.

Sold House PicHere’s a good example:

  • An investor finds a home they’d like to purchase for rental purposes
  • The home is distressed and in need of major repairs
  • A bank won’t lend on a property with significant problems affecting it’s value
  • This investor has two options:

  1. Get the loan from a family member or friend.
  2. Use a Hard Money loan to buy the property. The Hard Money loan can also be structured to cover the cost of the repair needed.
    • After the property has been fixed up and prepared for rental, the  investor can obtain a traditional mortgage at conventional rates to repay the Hard Money loan.

This is a great example of a short-term Hard Money loan used to purchase a rental property that otherwise would require an all cash offer.

If you have any other questions or are interested in getting a Hard Money loan in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, North Bay or really anywhere in California, call our office 707-523-2099!

It Is That Time of Year in Real Estate To Have Alternative Financing Readily Available

“Gave us an excellent rate on our hard money loan and we got our money 5 days after we applied! I highly recommend Sun Pacific Mortgage!” LW

“I can’t say enough good things about this company! The best experience I have ever had! Helpful & fast from the start! I highly recommend Sun Pacific Mortgage!! Thanks so much to the whole Sun Pacific Family!” PD

Spring has sprung and Buyer demand is increasing. Agents, Lenders and Buyers need their best foot forward when submitting offers.

Our Hard Money programs can help sweeten a deal as well as quickly fund if needed, despite poor credit, bankruptcy, short sale, difficult to prove income, etc.

See below for some of our recently funded loans so you can get a better idea how we are here to help you!

Call Us today (707) 523-2099.

Ken and Forest, The Guys in the White Hats

P.S. We love referrals!



Recently Funded:

We finance Jumbo loans, Bridge and short term loans, Primary Residence or Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases for single and multiple units, some commercial and land. Get our financing despite credit score, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!

San Rosa, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Bridge Loan
Amount: $330,000
Days to fund: 15 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Wanted to buy new home before selling current house.

Calistoga, CA (Napa County)
Loan Type: Investment Property Refinance
Amount: $333,000
Days to fund: 13 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Owns multiple properties and credit issues

San Francisco, CA (San Mateo County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Refinance, Business Purpose
Amount: $700,000
Days to fund: 35 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Bankruptcy in recent years

Willits, CA (Mendocino County)
Loan Type: Non-Owner Occupied Purchase
Amount: $2880,000
Days to fund: 17 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Property a fixer

Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Primary Residence with Business Purpose
Amount: $275,000
Days to fund: 121days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, and credit issues

San Marcos, CA (San Diego County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Refinance
Amount: $316,000
Days to fund: 21 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, difficult to prove income

Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Refinance of Commercial Property
Amount: $350,000
Days to fund: 26 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Divorce circumstances adversely affected credit score

Hard Money Investing Is Ripe In California – Especially With Us!

What a great time to be a Private Investor in real estate. Hard money loan borrowers have only been increasing since 2012, as it is the only game in town after their favorite Bank or Conventional Lender tell the Borrower “no”.

Money-Guy-Walking-With-Bag-Of-MoneyProperty values are just continuing to rise. Becoming a Private Investor can earn you upwards of 13% in return by investing in mortgages. And by investing in real estate mortgages your investment is secured.

A Private Investor is also known as:
Private Mortgage Lender
Hard Money Investor
Hard Money Lender

These are all private individuals lending their money directly to the borrower with a promissory note with interest rates, points and prepayment penalties the investor sets, and securing that promissory note with a real estate mortgage.

Our family owned and operated Sonoma county company, Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, has been working with Private Investors since 1988 and we have become known for our integrity and honesty, throughout all of California.

We promote purchase loans as well as refinance loans and these can be at any Loan To Value up to 75%. With this down payment and equity in the property, the homeowner or real estate investor, is not likely to walk away from the property.  Many individuals have started or are continuing as a Private Mortgager Investor as they can secure a consistent monthly income from it.  It can be an excellent cash flow for someone retired or looking to set up their retirement funds.

A loan done through our office for a Sonoma County Home Buyer came to $196,000 with a rate of 12% and the Investor now gets a monthly return of $1,960.  This Homeowner is very happy and intends to refinance down the line for lower rate but gets the home they’ve been searching for!

Realtors, Brokers and Borrowers, for those who have a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure, have poor credit or difficult-to-prove income due to being self employed but have a decent down payment or existing equity, have come to know that they can most likely get a loan from us, despite being turned down elsewhere. We regularly have new and available trust deed offerings requiring funding.

Hard Money Investing in California is ripe. Time to jump on the bandwagon with Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate and get a good taste!

If you are interested in investing with us then Call Our Office at (707) 523-2099.

Hard Money Loan of the Month – March

Rush Santa Rosa home loan rescued after being stalled by another Lender

This past month’s “Loan of the Month” is highlighted for a few reasons, the primary reason being the speed in which it arrived to my hard money office in Santa Rosa, and got approved to fund: 1 day!

HomeThis principal residence home loan was a referral from a busy Sonoma County Realtor.  The Home Buyer had been pre-approved by another Lender but after 6 weeks, and still no loan approval, they had to do something else!

The principal Home Buyer was a recently widowed father of 2 children.  He had really good income as proven by his 2015 Fed taxes and a 5% down payment.  His Dad brought in additional collateral from his own house in Oregon for around another $100,000.   This collateralized property had average comps valued at $250,000 so brought in a loan to value of about 40%. That made it about 75% loan to value on a completely remodeled property in Santa Rosa, CA – which our Private Investors definitely can finance!

The Buyers Agent jumped through about a million hoops to make sure all items needed to process the loan came through in timely fashion.  She also made the Buyers perfectly comfortable with the Hard Money financing for their Santa Rosa purchase.

We sent out this First Deed of Trust for $470,000 for 12 months.  The purchase price was $495,000 for this home loan.  Combined loan to value was 95%.  We received this hard money loan request on January 26, 2016 and had full loan approval on the 27th!  The loan recorded on February 3rd.

End result was a very happy father, a happy family and relieved & happy Agents.

Sun Pacific Investor Quarterly – March 2016

California Mortgage Association Conference

Our office is a member of the CMA. It is the leading association for Hard Money Brokers.

We just returned from the 2016 CMA Winter Conference. Attendees included Hard Money lenders, lawyers, servicers, insurers and Hard Money lobbyists.

The purpose of the Conference is to keep Members abreast of the constantly evolving lending rules and regulations. This allows us, and you – as the Lender – to operate safely within the law.

We make it a point to attend all 4 Conferences offered per year.

I suggest you make sure any Broker you do your loans with is doing something other than the required continuing education to protect you as the Lender in Hard Money loans.


The Conference covered many relevant topics. Two items that have really come to the fore in our operation are 1. Servicing of loans and 2. Qualification of Investors.

Servicing Loans: Lynn and I have never serviced loans in our office and likely never will. For many Hard Money lenders it is a big profit center. It was just never our bag. We did though, provide certain elements of servicing as a customer service to our Investors. We’d make phone calls to late payers, write dunning letters if need be and really just gave service after the sale.

It has come to the point now though, that our counsel to Investors is to definitely have the loan serviced. Especially with the volume of Dodd/Frank regulations, many of which apply to what you as the Lender must comply with in administering that loan after close of escrow.

The suggestion is a little self serving too, as it would take the burden of that follow up out of our hands and place it in the hands of a qualified and licensed Servicing company. Because, to be honest, it is time consuming considering the volume of loans we now do in my office and the number of Investors we have on the books.

It is peace of mind for $20 per loan, per investor. That is what is charged by Superior Loan Servicing, to whom we refer to the most. They are on top of the laws that apply to handling Borrowers on loans during the term of the loan and its ultimate reconveyance. You can also check with Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc.

If you have questions regarding servicing, you can call me for further information or better yet, go to www.superiorloanservicing.com and /or www.redwoodtrustdeedservices.com.

Ask us to set up your next loan for servicing.

Qualification of Investors: In the past, if you had some money and said yes to a Trust Deed Offering, we put you into that loan as the Lender. As of January 1, 2013, the BRE mandated we qualify Investors. They came up with BRE Investor Questionnaire Form 870.

As the Broker, I must have that current form in your file in order for you to be the Lender on a Hard Money loan. I have to make a judgment call, based on that Form 870, as to your ability to be an Investor. It must be renewed every 12 months to determine your further ability to qualify as an Investor in Trust Deeds.

I mention it, because we have instituted a policy of follow up on this Form 870 in our office. It is a necessary evil for you as the Lender. So if Arlene or Eileen calls to get this form updated, it’s the law!

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