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Waterskiing Copy We Continue To “Make Waves” By Approving And Funding Loans Fast! After 35 Years Of Private Lending, We’re Pretty Much Experts At Providing You With Fast Loans, Just As We Did Below:

We continue to “make waves” by approving and funding loans FAST! After 35 years of Private Lending, we’re pretty much experts at providing you with FAST loans, just as we did below:

Recently Funded

Program: Primary Residence Bridge Purchase
Loan Size: $714,000
Location: San Diego County
Why Came To Us: Borrower needed quick financing to keep his purchase from falling out of Escrow, after being turned down at the last minute due credit issues.


Program: Investment Property Purchase
Loan Size: $2,300,000
Location: Santa Clara County
Why Came To Us: Borrower had bankruptcy on record but didn’t want to miss out on this great property as an investment opportunity.


Program: Primary Residence Bridge Financing
Loan Size: $815,000
Location: Los Angeles County
Why Came To Us: Borrowers debt to income ratios too high for multiple mortgages but they had great equity in their current home, to get the needed cash to buy their new home before they moved out & sold their current house.

Let’s make some waves by getting your loan funded –  and fast!  Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at with any questions or scenarios and we’ll quickly answer with what we can do to help.

Roping In That Loan Size & Speed Ya Need!

Bull Wrangling Get Your Ropes Around That Stubborn Loan By Taking Advantage Of Our Private Money Programs.  With Funding Options Over 2 Million, After 35 Years We Still Have Not Run Out Of Money And Are Ready To Quickly Work With You To Get Your Real Estate Loan Funded - Just Like We Did Below:Get your ropes around that stubborn loan by taking advantage of our Private Money Programs.  With funding options over 2 million, after 35 years we still have not run out of money and are ready to quickly work with you to get your real estate loan funded – just like we did below:

Recently Funded

Program: Owner-Occupied Purchase
Loan Size: 1.72 million
Location: Contra Costa County
Why Came To Us: Self employed with difficult to prove income.

Program: Business Purpose Refinance
Loan Size: 780k
Location: Sacramento County
Why Came To Us: Wanted to do debt consolidation on business debt & on high interest rate credit cards to repair FICO.Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: 950k
Location: Alameda County
Why Came To Us: Debt to income ratio higher as Borrower owned multiple properties and flipped houses.

We work many Borrowers to help get the refinance or purchase financing they need – FAST – and despite being turned down by their Local Lender.  Visit our website at or give us a call at 707-523-2099 with your scenario to see how we can help you or someone you know wrangle up that needed loan!

What To Do with All That Equity?

Homeequity Scaled In California, We Have Had An Even Greater Increase In Home Equity Over The Past Couple Of Years. The Equity You Have Built Up Over The Years Can Be Used To Your Advantage When Your House Sells, Enabling You To Purchase Your Next Home, But There Are Other Investments You Can Make With Your Equity.

Even though home prices have moderated over the last year, many homeowners still have an incredible amount of equity.

A recent study done by CoreLogic estimates that most homeowners have more than $100,000 in equity. Selma Hepp, Chief Economist for CoreLogic says:

“While equity gains contracted in late 2022 due to home price declines in some regions U.S. homeowners on average still about $270,000 in equity, nearly $90,000 more than they had at the onset of the pandemic.”

In California, we have had an even greater increase in home equity over the past couple of years. The equity you have built up over the years can be used to your advantage when your house sells, enabling you to purchase your next home, but there are other investments you can make with your equity.

Perhaps you have had an interest in starting a business, but never had the capital to get it started, or you own a business and would like to expand. You can put your equity to work for you by making improvements in your business or your home.

With new city regulations making it easier to obtain permits for ADUs, many homeowners are considering building an income property on their property. The equity in their present home makes it possible to create another source of income.

If you live in California and want to make your equity work for you, consider a business loan with Sun Pacific Mortgage. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or find us at

BIG And FAST With Our Private Money Loans!

Wild Ride Getting Financing Turned Down At The Last Minute Or Loan Taking Too Long? End The Wild Ride And Get Financed With One Of Our Direct Private Money Programs.

Turned down at the last minute or loan taking too long? End the wild ride and get financed with one of our Direct Private Money Programs.

So how our Private Money loans can help you or someone you know just like was done below:

Recently Funded

Program: Investment Property Cash-Out
Loan Size: 885k
Location: Los Angeles County
Why Came To Us: Difficult to prove income as self-employed

Program: Investment Property Purchase
Loan Size: 804k
Location: Marin County
Why Came To Us: Recent divorce created debt and credit issues that the borrower wanted to consolidate so could repair both.

Program: Owner-Occupied Refinance Business Purpose
Loan Size: 625k
Location: Sacramento County
Why Came To Us: Business loan coming due and still had FICO issues to handle before qualifying for conventional financing.

If you or someone you know needs fast financing or you’re having difficulty proving income or otherwise turned down, we have the answer! Visit our website at us at 707-523-2099 and we will get back to you with how we can help.

Real Estate Returns To A More Normal Growth

0379 637486163868813724 According To Danielle Hale,’s Chief Economist, The More Bullish Outlook Predicted For This Year’s Real Estate Market Has Been Revised To Slip This Year, But Less Than 1%. She Expects Home Prices To Rebound More Convincingly In 2024.

According to Danielle Hale,’s chief economist, the more bullish outlook predicted for this year’s real estate market has been revised to slip this year, but less than 1%. She expects home prices to rebound more convincingly in 2024.

Although the pace of growth will be nothing like sellers or buyers witnessed during the past couple of years, it will be the real estate market’s normal pace.

When Zillow polled 117 economists and housing experts, their consensus was that home prices would increase at an annual rate of 3.5% until 2027.

“A return to more normal growth would be welcome after the rollercoaster ride that home prices have been on lately,” Jeff Tucker, Zillow’s senior economist said in the survey release.

The annual return on single-family homes reached nearly 13% between 2021-2022. In California, the appreciation was even higher. That’s a sharp contrast to so-called “normal growth”, which averaged an annual increase of 4.8% between 1987-2000.

Although housing prices may be declining in certain areas of California versus last year, they have been up month over month for the last three months.  Much of that increase is because of an imbalance in supply and demand. The number of previously owned homes on the market was at a record low in May, which helps to keep prices elevated.

Buyers are turning to new homes but with an eye to affordable ones. Buyers may find better deals later this year when price increases seen in spring and summer tend to slow down as the most popular time for homebuying winds down.

If you are looking to access the equity accrued during the past couple of months but have high debt-to-income ratios, can’t prove your income or need a fast close, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at We have been in business for over 35 years offering private mortgages to prospective California homeowners, being a trusted source for alternative financing.

Successful Financing Options – Loan of the Week!

Surfing Ka Copy Why Not Take Advantage Of Our Private Money Benefits For You Or Someone You Know:
Young Caucasian Man Surfs The Ocean Wave And Makes A Lot Of Splashes Into The Camera. Chickens Surf Spot In Maldives

Let’s Ride the JUMBO Wave Together

Why not take advantage of our Private Money benefits for you or someone you know:

  • Jumbo financing
  • FAST Approvals and FAST Fundings!
  • We Work with Brokers & Lenders
  • 35 Years as a Direct Lender – lots of experience!

Loan of the Week

Program: Multi-Family Investment Refinance
Loan Size: 1.45 million
Location: Santa Cruz County
Why Came To Us: Mortgage Broker brought us her Borrower who was looking to refinance some rentals. Borrower didn’t qualify for conventional financing due to high debt-to-income ratios and low credit, and this refinance was to fix both issues. With a loan to value of 48% we quickly had loan approval for this Jumbo loan.  Borrower was very happy with cash in hand and Broker relieved they could close another transaction with a grateful client!

If you or someone you know is in need of such services, visit our website or call us at 707-523-2099. We have worked with many Borrowers who ride our private money jumbo waves, resulting in them getting the financing they needed.

What is a Housing Market Correction?

Housing Correction Crash, Bubble, Correction; These Are All Phrases You Will Hear Tossed Around When It Comes To Real Estate. More Popular In Recent Months Is The Term “Correction.”  Most Real Estate Experts Are Describing The Present Condition Of Our Market Today As A Housing Market Correction.

Crash, Bubble, Correction; these are all phrases you will hear tossed around when it comes to real estate. More popular in recent months is the term “correction.”  Most real estate experts are describing the present condition of our market today as a housing market correction.

While there is no official definition of what makes a housing market correction, it is generally described as a condition when homes get too expensive, or consumers can no longer afford them. At that time buyers stop purchasing real estate and the market must adjust to spur buying activity once again. Much like the old adage, “What goes up, must come down.”

A housing market correction is when home prices experience a moderate decline following a period of rapid growth. The purpose of a correction is to naturally adjust prices in line with affordability, demand, and supply, thus restoring a more sustainable and balanced state to the market. The length of time the market remains in this correction condition may be anywhere from a few months to a year or more.

A housing market correction and a housing crash are not the same thing. With a correction, things are simply coming back into balance. Prices may fall slightly, whereas in a crash, prices fall more significantly and usually unexpectedly.

It is expected that there will be a mild price softness through the end of this year. This is described as a 0.6% dip in the typical sales price in 2023 compared to 2022.

Because of the limited housing supply, we may not see substantial home price declines even though affordability is far below recent norms.

If you or a client are hoping to purchase or refinance during this correction phase, but can’t qualify for a conventional loan, Sun Pacific Mortgage is here to help with a privately funded loan. Simply give us a call at 707-523-2099 or find us at

Fast and Big Financing – We’ve Got Your Back!

Planes Edit2 Copy We’ll Help You Or Someone You Know Go Big And Fast For Your Refinances Or Purchases With A Fast Private Money Jumbo Loan!

Lending FAST and Lending BIG!

We’ll help you or someone you know go big and fast for your refinances or purchases with a fast private money jumbo loan!

  • Fast Closes: 10 days or less
  • Turned Down Elsewhere – We Can Help
  • Trusted by over 10,000 Borrowers
  • Family Owned & Operated for 35 years

Recently Funded

Program: Business Purpose Refinance
Loan Size: 1.4 million
Location: Contra Costa County
Why Came To Us: Borrower was self-employed with difficult to prove income, and wanted to pull cash out of equity from a property, for needed fast company capital.

Program: Primary Residence Bridge Loan
Loan Size: 733k
Location: El Dorado County
Why Came To Us: Debt to income ratios high so couldn’t get a conventional loan. Wanted to buy another home before selling their current house.

Program: Primary Residence Purchase
Loan Size: 890k
Location: San Bernardino County
Why Came To Us: Wanted FAST financing to rescue their new home purchase, as their loan was turned down just 2 weeks prior to close of Escrow.

Call 707-523-2099 with your questions or scenarios – we’ll quickly reply back with how we can help you or someone you know.

North Bay Real Estate Statistic Comparing March 2021 to June 2023

Northbaycomps In The July 24, 2023 Issue Of The North Bay Business Journal, There Were Several Charts Comparing The State Of Real Estate In Four North Bay Counties: Napa, Solano, Marin &Amp; Sonoma, Between March 2021 And June 2023.


In the July 24, 2023 issue of the North Bay Business Journal, there were several charts comparing the state of real estate in four North Bay Counties: Napa, Solano, Marin & Sonoma, between March 2021 and June 2023.

While listings may be shrinking and the median days on the market may be lengthening, the median price of homes has maintained almost all the appreciation it acquired over the past two years.


  • New Listings: Mar.2021=178, June 2023 =130
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =353, June 2023 =356
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.2021 =$1,359,000, June 2023 =$1,697,500
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.2021 =60, June 2023 =66


  • New Listings: Mar.’21-504, June ’23-388
  • Total Listings: Mar.’21-651, June ’23 823
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.’21-$521,975, June ’23-$626,000
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.’21-26, June ’23-37


  • New Listings: Mar.2021 =356, June 2023 =264
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =466, June 2023 =543
  • Median Sales Price: Mar.2021 =$1,350,000, June 2023 =$1,425,500
  • Median Days of Market: Mar.2021 =41, June 2021 =53


  • New Listings: Mar.2021 =690, June 2023 =440
  • Total Listings: Mar.2021 =1104, June 2023 =1035
  • Median Sales Price: Mar. 2021 =$822,000, June 2023 =$1,124,000
  • Median Days on Market: Mar.2021 =42, June 2023 =47

Whether you are a potential home buyer or you are an investor looking for a solid real estate investment to grow your wealth, Sun Pacific Mortgage family team could be the perfect match for your needs.

As an Investor, you can co-invest or individually invest for higher returns, as high as 12% at times. We have been in business for over 3 decades now, offering private mortgages to those in need of fast mortgages and to borrowers who don’t qualify for a conventional loan because of a variety of reasons.  Email through our website, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or find us at


How About Some Fast Home Financing?

Image1 We Finance Both Primary And Investment Properties With Our Fast Private Money Loan Programs – See Below For Our Wave-Breaking Speed, Local Loan Of The Week!Let’s Have Some Fast Financing!

We finance both Primary and Investment properties with our FAST Private Money Loan Programs – See below for our wave-breaking speed, local loan of the week!

Local Loan of the Week

Program: Owner-Occupied Bridge Purchase
Days to Fund: 9 days
Amount: $739,000
Location: Sonoma County
Why Came To Us: A local Lender reached out to us for some quick help with a Homebuyer.  They were in Escrow when their conventional Underwriting turned down the previously approved home loan, due to last-minute issues that popped up on the appraisal.  Buyer of course didn’t want to lose their large down payment & their Lender didn’t want them to miss out on a dream home –  so they came to us for a fast solution!  Within just 9 days, we provided the needed purchase funds to Escrow and Buyer had keys in hand to their new home!

Continuing our 35+ year Private Money Lending legacy, we are here if you need us! Visit our website or call 707-523-2099 with questions or scenarios and we’ll let you know what we can do to quickly help.

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