Loan of the Week – Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold!

Fast Financing Copy We Have A Solution For You, A Friend Or Family Member Who Has Been Left Out In The Cold As They Can’t Get The Home Financing They Need: Fast Private Money! Below Is Just One Of The Many Ways We Can Help Make Your Holiday Merrier:Feeling Left Out In The Cold? Don’t Be!

We have a solution for you, a friend or family member who has been left out in the cold as they can’t get the home financing they need: Fast Private Money! Below is just one of the many ways we can help make your Holiday merrier:

Loan of the Week

Program: Owner-Occupied Rush Purchase
Loan Size: 623k
Loan to value: 49%
Why Came To Us:  Broker from Contra Costa County referred his Buyer to us, after being unable to help directly due to his debt to income ratios being a bit high.  However, because this Buyer had good credit and good down payment himself, it was not difficult to get his loan quickly completed by one our Private Lenders in just about 1 week!

With real estate needs for faster refinancing or a desire to create stronger purchase offers, Private Money can give you the edge they need in this competitive market.  Our Private Money mortgages can get you, a friend or family member into a warm Home for the Holidays!

Email your scenario or Call Us at 707-523-2099 to see how we can help or visit our website at

What Does Investing in a Trust Deed Mean?

What Does Investing In A Trust Deed Mean?Sun Pacific Mortgage sells Deeds of Trusts to our Team of Private Investors for a given period, generally one to three years. Investing in real estate mortgage notes is easier than you might imagine:

When someone purchases a property, whether it is a personal residence or an investment property, the Buyer is put on Title. They become responsible for maintaining the property, having adequate insurance, and paying the taxes.

A Private Investor, also known as the Mortgage Lender, becomes the beneficiary and now has a vested interest in the home but isn’t responsible for upkeep, taxes, or insurance. They now directly or through a servicing company, collect principal and interest payment each month until the Note is satisfied. If something goes wrong with the property, like the roof needing to be replaced or a plumbing issue, the owner is required to deal with the problem, not the Lender. As an investor, you are not buying the property, you are buying the debt and securing interest in the property. Essentially, you, the investor, become the bank. You collect the remaining debt of the Note and receive the monthly principal and interest payments. You can also take legal action to regain Title in the event of default.

While these Notes are not FDIC insured, your real estate investment is secured by the property equity. Through our quality screening process, Sun Pacific Mortgage offers good Trust Deed opportunities throughout California.

We are always open for new Investors so, if you are interested in pursuing a profitable, hands-off real estate investment, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or find us at

Make Your Season Merrier – Loan of the Week!

Financing To Make Your Season Merrier!

Make Your Season Merrier - Loan Of The Week!Are you in need of a mortgage for a home purchase?  How about a fast Bridge loan?  Private Money Loans can provide FAST Cash!

Let us make your holiday season merrier by helping you or someone you know – like we did below:

Screenshot 2022 12 13 At 9.51.07 Am Are You In Need Of A Mortgage For A Home Purchase?  How About A Fast Bridge Loan?  Private Money Loans Can Provide Fast Cash!

We can be reached at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at, for any of your questions or scenarios.  We’ll quickly let you know what we can do to help make the holiday season merrier for you!

Looking for Predictable Income?

Looking For Predictable Income?

What if you could invest your well-earned money in a promising source of predictable income? Sound risky? What investment doesn’t have some risks? Some risks offer bigger rewards, and you can find that with Sun Pacific Mortgage!

For almost 35 years now, we have been offering available Deeds of Trust throughout the state of California, to our family of private investors.  These Trust Deeds or Notes, are available from $150,000 on up to over $2,000,000 for individuals to invest for higher returns, and diversify your retirement portfolio.

You don’t need to restrict your future to the unpredictable returns offered by the stock market. We offer our investors the opportunity to invest in trust deeds with fixed rates of return up to 13%+.

Our rates of return are higher than the bank’s traditional low-yield bonds, and higher than most stock dividends. Simplistically, this is how it works:

  1. Daily we send out new available Deeds of Trust.
  2. You choose the amount you want to invest in a property, which we propose to you via email with the terms laid out.
  3. If your offer is accepted, you transfer the funds to the escrow company handling the transaction.
  4. Once escrow closes, you receive all the real estate documents related to the purchase or refinance.
  5. Unless you choose to service the property directly, a Servicing company of your choice collects the monthly payments and relays them to you, as instructed.
  6. You spend your time doing what you love, hit the golf course, travel, be with family, whatever makes you happy – all while making passive income.


If this sounds like an investment vehicle you could get behind, –give us a call at 707-523-2099 to discuss how you can earn a higher return on your investment. You can also check out our Investor website page here and send in a form for further data.

We Fund BIG Real Estate Loans!

We Fund Big LoansHaving been in business for over 34 years, we are experts at getting BIG loans funded! Let us help you or someone you know, like we did below:

Loan of the Week

Program: Primary Residence Refinance

Loan Size: 780k

Loan to value: 50%

Location: Marin County

Why Came To Us:  A Mortgage Broker referred his Borrower to us after being denied last minute by their local Lender because of their less than stellar credit, but the property had a healthy amount of equity in it, therefore, we were able to get the Borrower funded in just 7 days!

One of our specialties here at Sun Pacific Mortgage is fast turnarounds, so if you or someone you know need fast financing or having difficulty elsewhere getting a mortgage, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at We can quickly let you know what we can do to help.

Message To California Real Estate Investors

Message To California Investors

As professional investors you must be watching the financial news closely, ever in this ever-changing market. Well, so are we as lending professionals here at Sun Pacific Mortgage. There is a cadre of trusted and experienced economists and real estate authorities that have expressed their predictions and analyses regarding the state of the current real estate market. Some of the quotes I have come across in my research, I thought would be helpful in making your investment decisions:

Jeff Schween, Santa Rosa Fine Homes, Coldwell Banker

“Real estate markets are hyper-regional when it comes to market dynamics, which means one has to be cautious at putting much reliance on national news and fear mongers that make general statements about the marketplace. Sure, things are shifting all around and when they do it takes market participants a reasonable period of time to recalibrate their positions and the direction they take, but calamity is not in the data we are harvesting. We do believe that we will see interest rates climb further before they flatten out and whether or not they even return to the levels they are today is all the more reason to not let the cost of money be a deterrent.”

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors

In 2023, Yun foresees a slower price appreciation and corresponding increases in sales as the year progresses. “Next year, the annual median home price is expected to rise by only 1.2%. Home sales will pick up in the second half of 2023.”

Dollie Herman, Vice Chair of Douglas Elliman, one of the largest real estate firms in the US

“Obviously, everyone is experiencing a cooling of the market compared to 2021, but that is a bad comparison. Frankly, anything is going to sound horrible after last year, because that was not a normal year. You really have to look at the pre-pandemic numbers”

While acknowledging that rising interest rates are slowing down home sales, Herman noted that they are still well below the national historical average of 7.5%.

“I don’t see prices dropping significantly, and I think builders are holding back right now as well. I do think there will be more room for negotiation, especially as we get into the winter months, when things traditionally slow down.”

Real estate has been, and continues to be, one of the safest investments when considered as a long-term asset.  Yes, it is slowing down, especially with the Holiday season upon us, but values though slightly decreasing are holding in a steady range.

It behooves one to keep abreast of what is truly happening and not listen to bad news.  Also, being more conservative while continuing to invest in Deeds of Trusts by investing in lower LTVs and diversifying more.

Ski Beyond Limits with Our Private Money Loan Programs

Ski Beyond Limits With Our Private Money Loan ProgramsNeed a lift? Ski beyond loan approval limits with our FAST Private Mortgage Programs. DTI ratios high, difficult-to-prove income, property doesn’t qualify – not a problem with us!

Let us help you or someone you know, just as we did below for these other Borrowers:

Recently Funded

Program: Rental Property Purchase
Loan Size: 960k
Loan to value: 69%
Location:  San Diego County
Why Came To Us: Debt to income ratios high, as owned multiple investment properties – but all with great rental income returns.

Program: Owner-Occupied Financing
Loan Size:525k
Loan to value: 53%
Location: Monterey County
Why Came To Us: Wanted to consolidate debt on high rate credit cards and business bills, to improve credit.

Program: Primary Residence Refinance for Business Purpose
Loan Size: 1.02 million
Loan to value: 58%
Location: Orange County
Why Came To Us: Borrower needed fast financing to pay for ongoing property renovations.


If you or someone you know are in need of a FAST mortgage loan, or are having difficulty getting real estate financing elsewhere, visit our website at or give us a call at 707-523-2099.  We’ll quickly let you know what we can do to help!

Real Estate Trends for 2023 as Predicted by the Experts

Real Estate Trends For 2023 As Predicted By The Experts

Experts are starting to make their 2023 home price predictions.  Most agree homes will continue to gain value, just at a slower pace.  Over the past couple of years home prices have risen at an unsustainable rate.

Historically, home values have appreciated at a rate near 4%. For 2023, the average of six major forecasters (Fannie Mae, SPSS, Freddie Mac, MBA, and Zelman) are calling for an increase of 2.5%. The exception is Zelman who is calling for depreciation of almost 3%. Much of the optimism is based on the economics of supply and demand. It is still a seller’s market, and in that scenario, home prices tend to appreciate.

If you are looking for a predictable monthly income with possible double-digit returns, consider becoming a member of our team of private Investors at Sun Pacific Mortgage. Our Trust Deed offerings allow you the opportunity to earn upwards of 13% on your capital. They are ideal for passive investors seeking to add and diversify their income streams. Payments are deposited monthly making it a truly hands-off passive investment opportunity. Check us out on our webpage: or call us at 707-523-2099.

Stock Market vs. Real Estate

Stock Market Vs. Real Estate After The Rollercoaster Ride The Stock Market Has Been On Recently, Checking The Value Of Your Home Should Come As A Welcome Relief. As Homeowners, You Got A Big Boost Over The Past Few Years Thanks To Rising Home Prices. Much Of Your Net Worth Came In The Form Of Home Equity.After the rollercoaster ride the stock market has been on recently, checking the value of your home should come as a welcome relief. As Homeowners, you got a big boost over the past few years thanks to rising home prices. Much of your net worth came in the form of home equity.

Over the past two years, particularly, home prices appreciated substantially. According to Corelogic, the average home equity in California rose by $117,000. To explain why this matters so much, Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, explains it this way:

“…the decline in the stock market has dented overall net worth. It has fallen by $6 trillion from the first to the second quarter. Only housing wealth has held on, with homeowners’ real estate wealth rising by $1.2 trillion.”

Homeownership is historically a great hedge against inflation, too. Because your largest monthly payment is your mortgage, you can lock this obligation in for the duration of your loan enabling you to stabilize some of your monthly expenses.

If you are looking to increase and protect your family’s wealth, consider becoming a Private Mortgage Lender with Sun Pacific Mortgage. We take the hassle out of owning property! Once you have made your investment, you can just sit back and collect the payments stress free. Monthly your higher return interest profits come back to you (upwards of 13%) – that kind of passive income is hard to come by anywhere else. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or check out our Investor website page here and send in a form for further data.

Oh My Gourd – Recently Funded!

We Fund Big Loans Having Been In Business For Over 34 Years, We Are Experts At Getting Large Loans Funded! Let Us Help You Or Someone You Know, Like We Did Below:We Fund BIG Loans!

Having been in business for over 34 years, we are experts at getting large loans funded! Let us help you or someone you know, like we did below:

Recently Funded

Program: Owner Occupied Bridge Purchase
Loan Size: 898k
Loan to value: 70%
Location: Riverside County
Why Come To Us: Wanted no contingency of having to sell current house before buying new home.

Program: Primary Residence Refinance for Business Purpose
Loan Size: 1 million
Loan to value: 65%
Location: San Mateo County
Why Come To Us: A few issues with credit report but with good equity and ability to repay the loan – we were able to get him funded fast.

Program: Primary Residence Refinance
Loan Size: 800k
Loan to Value: 35%
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Why Come To Us: Recent bankruptcy and wanted to consolidate debt.


If you have an “Oh My Gourd that’s a big loan” that needs faster funding or having difficulty getting approval elsewhere, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at  We’ll quickly respond with a proposal as to what we can do for you or someone you know!

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