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Our Trademark: Speed Of Service

Hundreds of Borrowers have been able to move forward with their dream of homeownership or being able to expand their business, because of the valued relationship between us and many of you. We continue our 35th year of Private Money Lending throughout California – and have recently even opened to Hawaii and some other States – so we just want to thank each of you who have financed Trust Deeds through our company this year so far!

One of the major reasons, if not THE reason, Borrowers come to us with their business is the speed with which we can execute and close a loan. Because we are not burdened with layers of red tape qualifications between the submission of their loan and the processing of their paperwork, we have the advantage of speed – a significant advantage in today’s real estate and lending market.


Stop Watch

And that’s where you, as valued Investors with Sun Pacific Mortgage, contribute to our maintaining a reputation for both performance and speed.  Brokers daily send us loans that they cannot get funded fast enough for their clients.  Our high-speed service over the past 35+ years has been one of our valued hallmarks and we pride ourselves in this accomplishment.  We know our Borrowers, Brokers, and Realtors are not flocking to us for the high interest rates we provide, or high loan costs!

To enable us to keep our reputation for speed, there are definite steps you can take to help our Borrowers realize their expectations:

  • When you see a Trust Deed that you are interested in and have the money available to place on that investment, all you need to do is hit “reply” to the email and state you’re interested.  You are not approving the loan with your reply, you are requesting the full submission to review – which is what our office puts together for you as part of the pre-qualification process.
    (Note: Our policy is to reply to emails or phone calls as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours even if the loan was taken by another investor. If you do not see a reply from us, check your spam or call our office at 707-523-2099. If the problem is an email technical issue, we can manage it quickly. Bottom line: we need your responses to us fast please.)
  • Once you receive the loan submission, you should review it and exercise any due diligence until you are comfortable with the loan or decide to decline it.  Please note that these loans require a fast turn-around.  Taking longer than 24 hours is a disservice to the borrower and to our family company.  Many review the file and can respond within a couple of hours – this is appreciated.  In any event, the faster the turn-time, the faster the service to the borrower.
  • Once you approve the loan, we will ask you to complete our “Investor Approval Form” where you will give us your official vesting and confirm your approved loan size.  We are unable to prepare loan documents without this information.
  • Do not delay sending the funds to Escrow when requested. If there is any foreseen delay or issue with getting funds sent, please notify us as soon as you know so we can properly predict.
  • Finally, the loan is funded.  You start receiving your monthly interest payments, we have a happy returning borrower, Broker, or Realtor bringing in more loans for you to potentially invest in.  It’s a win-win!

Money Guy Walking With Bag Of MoneyWe welcome your questions or comments and want to reinforce our continuing gratitude for your confidence in our family business.  Let’s enjoy another year of great returns on multiple investments for you, and of good service to our referring Brokers, Realtors, and individual borrowers!

Sun Pacific Mortgage Family Hard Money Team

(707) 523-2099
1400 N Dutton Ave Suite 22, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

CA DRE License # 01464899
NMLS # 360993

New Newsletter – The Trademark