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Eileen Tardibuono

Hello, my name is Eileen Tardibuono, the newest family member to join Sun Pacific Mortgage.

I am an Assistant Processor to my sister, Arlene, who is our Lead Loan Processor.  My big brother, Forest, is the Broker. He also co-owns and runs the business with his wife, Lynn. My nephew, Ken, is our Lead Loan Originator and also “ The Other guy in the White Hat” and his wife, Ari, is our Marketing gal.

I grew up mainly in Arizona but decided a few years back to move to the Northwest. Best move ever!  I worked in printing for many years.  Since moving to Sonoma County a couple of years ago I have worked in mortgages as an Assistant Processor and excitedly joined the rest of my family at Sun Pacific in 2016!

On weekends I enjoy seeing the countryside  or being creative by painting, sculpting, computer graphics, etc.

I take a lot of pride in what I do and I truly like helping our borrowers achive their purchase or refinance.

Love being a part of the family company and love what I do!!





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