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Wine Country Real Estate Trends

Hero Sa Real Estate Courtesy Pam Golding Properties 1920X1280 Looking Back Over The 2021 Real Estate Market Is Mind Boggling. From Mid-March When We Were Told To “Shelter-In-Place” To The Rapid Acceleration Of The Market In May And Continuing Throughout The Remainder Of The Year We Experienced A Ride We Never Saw Coming.

Looking back over the 2021 real estate market is mind boggling. From mid-March when we were told to “shelter-in-place” to the rapid acceleration of the market in May and continuing throughout the remainder of the year we experienced a ride we never saw coming.

Frantic Buyers looked for properties in areas where they never dreamed of living before because of the transition to virtuality. With working from home becoming the norm, new possibilities opened, and Buyers rushed to snatch up more rural or country homes. The Wine Country was a first choice for many residents of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the East Bay, and the Peninsula.

Predictions nationally see real estate prices appreciating only 5.7% in 2022 as opposed to the 15% appreciation of this past year, but the Wine Country could well be an exception. The lack of inventory and the lure of the country keeps calling, making North Bay prices continue to look inviting and worth the prospective battle to win.

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