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What’s Happening in the Orange County Real Estate Market?

Whats Happening In The Orange County Real Estate Market

Orange County’s homebuying rebound continued in September with sales hitting a pace not seen since 2005. A study done by DQNews (a service that provides home sales and mortgage statistics for the U.S.) shows a market fueled by historically low interest rates, coronavirus-led urges for more space, and a limited inventory for house hunters to choose.

Some of the single-family-home data released for September 2020 is as follows:

  • Median Sales Price:  $875,000 (up 10.8% over 2019)
  • Homes Sold:  2,417 (up 30.6% over 2019)

Zillow reported for the week ending October 17 in Los Angeles and Orange Counties:

  • Newly pending sales:  Up 4.2% vs. in 2019
  • 12 days, escrow from listing vs. 24 days in 2019
  • Inventory:  down 24% over 2019
  • Median list price: up 13% over 2019

Market snapshots of median list prices for individual communities:

  • Costa Mesa: $943,000
  • Huntington Beach:  $819,000
  • Irvine:  $749,000
  • Laguna Beach:  $1,297,000
  • Newport Beach:  $2,230,000

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