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What Factors Today are Having the Biggest Effect on Housing?

What Factors Today Are Having The Biggest Effect On Housing?

Some might consider interest rates to have the most influence on the housing market, but that is only one factor in a confluence of factors including: local economic conditions, financial markets, housing affordability, consumer confidence, inflation, migration, the pandemic, war, debt, and government policies. Each of these conditions can have major market impacts, both positive and negative.

In Sonoma County the market remained overheated for all of Q1 with home-price appreciation and supply-and-demand leading the pack. With mortgage rates rising at the beginning of Q2, the outlook is difficult to predict. Low inventory will continue to have an influence on pricing, but to what extent is still unclear. In the past, Q2 has typically been the highest demand and most active selling season of the year.

In Q1 2022, the median home price was $820,000. This statistic is a generalization which indicates that half of the homes sold closed below this figure and half sold for more than this amount. The median days on the market for Q1 2022 ranged from a high of 95 days (Brokerwood) to a low of 22 days (Cotati).

Looking at the number of active listings over the past 6 years for the month of March would be a good indicator of how volatile the market has been:

  • March 2017: 515
  • March 2018: 528
  • March 2019: 761
  • March 2020: 800
  • March 2021: 554
  • March 2022: 360

Regardless of all the extenuating circumstances affecting the real estate market in Sonoma County, experts say we should only see a slight slow-down in appreciation and activity because Buyers are still looking to live in an area where they can have more for less when compared to other neighboring regions.

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