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We’ve Wrangled You Up  A New Loan Program! 

We’ve Wrangled You Up A New Loan Program

Alt-A Hard Money By The Guys in the White Hats 

Low hard money rates from 6% – 8% with this unique alternative finance program! For Borrowers and Buyers who are just shy of qualifying for conventional or traditional “A paper” underwriting:

 Good credit (640 and above)

 64% or less Loan To Value

 Property in good condition and location

Perfect example of why this new program is so beneficial: 

Realtor calls with a rush request from her Buyer:  He needed a $599,000 short term loan to buy an investment property in Mill Valley.  His current lending institution was confused by his company being the Buyer so was not performing. 

His credit was over 750, he had a good down payment allowing for 59% LTV, he made great monthly income and had a lot of other real estate assets as well as excess funds in the bank. He was a perfect borrower…except he had to wait too long due to unnecessary confusions from his lender, so now he needed fast performance.  

This is where we stepped in and quickly wrangled him up our Alt-A Hard Money Loan program with a 6% rate!

If you have any question or scenario for us, just call 707-523-2099.  We will let you know quickly what we can do for you. 

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