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Turned Down Elsewhere For A Mortgage?

Hard Money New Beginning

If you’re getting turned down elsewhere for a mortgage, give us a chance to help using our Hard Money loans. Despite increased lending regulations elsewhere, we have the same rates, same LTVs and same “faster than conventional funding” speed, as we did before!

Let us be your new beginning to purchase a home, a new investment or even to refinance for additional cash out to get you caught up after these recent tough times – like we were able to do for a past borrower, below.

Loan of the Week

One of our past borrowers reached out to us from Truckee, California requesting a loan for $560,000 so he could purchase an investment property.

He was looking to refinance his primary residence to invest in this venture but was being turned down by his conventional lender due to a difficulty to prove his income.

He had more than 50% existing equity in his primary residence and had really good credit, so we had no issue with getting him a mortgage!  In less than 3 weeks he had the funds he needed to purchase that property.

If you or someone you know is looking to use their existing equity to make debt consolidations, upgrade their home or purchase additional property – and is being turned down elsewhere – give us a call at 707-523-2099. We’ll let you know quickly how we can help!

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