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Who Is Today’s Real Estate Investor?

Love Re Investing Who Do You Envision When You Think Of The Stereotypical Real Estate Investor?  The Reality Is Far From The Hollywood Image Of The Businessman In An Expensive Suit.  It Turns Out That The “Average” Real Estate Investor Is More Like You Or Your Next-Door Neighbor.

Who do you envision when you think of the stereotypical real estate investor?  The reality is far from the Hollywood image of the businessman in an expensive suit.  It turns out that the “average” real estate investor is more like you or your next-door neighbor.

Bigger Pockets, a real estate investment social network, had some insightful observations about today’s investors.  The following are some of the more common misconceptions associated with real estate investors along with a reality check:

  • In reality, real estate investors are split 75/25% with 75% being male and 25% female.
  • Real estate investors are wealth.  Many investors are not racking up big annual incomes, but have studiously saved and used creative financing options.  Their household incomes are much like yours.
  • A majority of real estate investors are 50+.  Most investors begin on their path to building wealth through real estate in their late 30’s and as a supplement to their 401K retirement plan.
  • A lot of real estate investors own apartment buildings or land.  Other investors own single family homes, because the upfront costs are less and these present fewer risks.


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