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Tired of Covid Stopping Loan Approval? See Our Loan of the Week!

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Avoid Covid-19 regulations with our alternative financing programs and expect fast loan approvals!

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Loan of the Week

A Broker from Santa Clara reached out to us with a client who needed some fast funding.  He had to resolve some critical renovation issues with one of his Mountainview properties, relating to permitting fees and road work that needed to be done quickly.

With a loan to value of 53%, the requested mortgage of $750,00 was easy for us.

This borrower had qualified for a conventional loan but needed his funds much faster.  This is where we were able to quickly jump in and help with our unique alternative financing programs.  Because of us, in just 9 days, this Borrower was able to secure all the necessary permits and begin work on his property!

If you need a fast close or are being turned down by other conventional lending institutions, give us a call at Sun Pacific Mortgage 707-523-2099. Trusted by over 10,000 borrowers in our 32+ years as a family owned & operated alternative financing company, we’re pretty expert on knowing how to help get loan approval.

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