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Tips To Sell Your House in 2020?

Tips To Sell Your House In 2020

When you finally decide to sell your home, what mistakes should you consciously avoid in order to have the best outcome? Although you are excited to make new memories in new spaces, you still carry deep sentimental attachments to the house you are leaving behind.  This emotional dichotomy can result in some costly mistakes. So, how should you manage this tug-of-war and prepare for the process? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Keep in mind that the bank will not lend more than the house’s appraisal, so be careful when pricing your home.  A real estate professional can give you the comparable pricing for homes in your neighborhood. This information will help you decide on a price that will hasten the sale of your home.  Too high a price can lead to many weeks on the market. In contrast, the recent market trend has shown that a lower price often results in a bidding war, which can lead to a much higher profit than you anticipated.  
  • Being too emotionally attached to your home can make it difficult to be objective when presented with an offer.  This can present problems when trying t to negotiate. Listen to your real estate professional. They have the market knowledge that you are paying them for.
  • Staging can make or break a deal.  While you might be proud of your décor, a buyer wants to see themselves living in your home, not you.  To help the prospective owner of your house see themselves living there, it is imperative to stage it. Declutter and take down personal images as much as possible. 
  • If you cannot afford a professional stager, your real estate agent will be a valued asset in helping to make your homen buyer ready.

Remember to breath.  This is just a process to take you to the next chapter of your life.  You have many professionals who are available to help you make this step easier and even enjoyable.  Good luck! 

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