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Tips To Become A Real Estate Investor

I read an article about Warren Buffett’s saving advice and I immediately thought of the many private investors I work with – and the many individuals who are interested/may be interested in being a private investor in California real estate.

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When I was a kid I worked hard as a newspaper boy and enjoyed counting the coins I collected as payment of my hard work. And as the eldest of 6 other siblings with a full time working mother, I definitely saw what it took to raise a family. Early on decided I to create a good living for my family by building my own successful business.

I now have the honor to work with other individuals who want to make money and a good living for themselves and their family, as a Hard Money Broker. After almost 29 years in the Sonoma County real estate and mortgage business, I have become quite experienced in Buyer financing and now specialize in alternative financing, known as Hard Money and Private Money Loans.

Being a Private Investor can yield upwards of 13% interest. And having Borrowers and Home Buyers with “good skin” in the game, meaning house down payments of at least 25% with only 1-5 year term financing, one can agree this sounds like a smart investment.

For those interested in investing in real estate, California has a lot of prime real estate. Not just in Santa Rosa where I live, but the rest of Sonoma County as well as San Francisco, Napa, Novato and Marin – just to name a few – are all very desirable. And job growth is strong here in the North Bay, meaning more people who want to buy homes or rent!

This article has some good tips for anyone really, who wants to work on some tried and true ways to save up some money which you can then in turn use to further invest in real estate:

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