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Thinking Of Retiring Or Downsizing?

Spring 2 These Days It Appears That Many More Baby Boomers Are Reaching The Age Of Retirement, And Asking Themselves The Big Question: “To Move Or Not To Move?”  There Are Arguments To Be Made On Both Sides. With Low Availability Inventory For Smaller Scale Homes, Some Retirees Have Begun To Evaluate Their Present Home’s Ability To Meet Their Retirement Needs.  

These days it appears that many more baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement, and asking themselves the big question: “To move or not to move?”  There are arguments to be made on both sides. With low availability inventory for smaller scale homes, some retirees have begun to evaluate their present home’s ability to meet their retirement needs.  

Some of the more pertinent factors potential retirees will want to consider before making this major decision include the following:

  • AFFORDABILITY:  Consider the monthly costs, especially property taxes which can consume a large portion of the new budget.  Depending on where you move, you may or may not lose your Prop 13 benefit. In any event, you will still have insurance, utilities, and possibly HOA dues.  You might determine that paying for help to maintain you present home or to make mobility adjustments to your home, would be more affordable than actually moving.
  • EQUITY:  You may be able to tap into the equity in your present home, which would allow you to remodel your home making it “retirement friendly”.  Alternatively, if you opt to sell, the equity you have gained over the years may be enough to purchase your new home with little or no mortgage.
  • MAINTENANCE:  Do you want to continue doing all the chores your home requires as you age, or would paying an HOA to take care of those necessities offer you a welcomed relief?
  • SECURITY:  There can be a great sense of security living in a community with a gate house or resident-only access.  Any way you look at it, having an extra pair of eyes looking out for you always leads to peace of mind.
  • PETS:  Renting with a pet presents problems in today’s market. You will want to consider all the issues related to your pet’s safety and happiness when contemplating a move with your furry friend.
  • MOBILITY:  As much as no one wants to think of themselves dependent on a walker or wheelchair in the future, it should be a necessary consideration when planning ahead.
  • CONVENIENCE:  Some of the factors that will influence your decision will probably include proximity to hospitals/doctors, shopping, dining, and most importantly, grandchildren.

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