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Things You Might Overlook In Your Home Search

1 3 Some Of These Critical Features, Buyers Might Not Consider When House Hunting.  They May Not Be Deal Breakers For Some, But They Are Factors To Consider When Looking To Buy A Home:
You might think you have found your dream home, only to discover after you move in, that you missed some important “must-haves”.  I was reading a Realtor.com article recently and it was covering just this subject.  

Some of these critical features, buyers might not consider when house hunting.  They may not be deal breakers for some, but they are factors to consider when looking to buy a home:

  1. What is the neighborhood like at night?  Besides the safety issues, the neighborhood can change substantially at night when everyone is home from work and school.  
  2. The daily commute and traffic problems should be considered at various times of the day and evening.  You should know what it will take to get home because  you don’t want to arrive at your “dream home” after a “nightmare ride”.
  3. Read the CC&Rs carefully if you are buying into a homeowner’s association.  Many an unsuspecting homeowner has been surprised to find that they cannot park on the street in front of their house, for example.
  4. Some regulations might exist whereby you cannot rent out any part of your home for a short-term as on Airbnb, but you were counting on the extra income.
  5. The ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms is critical.  Most homeowners are comfortable with a Master Bath and at least one other bathroom.  A bathroom on every floor works best.
  6. If your property is on a septic system, has a well, or solar panels, a specialty inspection should be done to assure the integrity of these units.  These inspections are not part of the general home inspection.
  7. Don’t get “wowed” by the added amenities which can always be added after the sale and forget to focus on the things that cannot be changed or improved, like location and lot configuration.
  8. Keep in mind the resale value of your property.  Negative factors might not be important to you, but consider their impact on the rest of the buying public when you get ready to sell.
  9. Consider your future family needs for the home.  Will you need more space?  Will you need a home office?  Will you need to be near a good school and/or park?

After taking into account all of these considerations, align yourself with a local and reputable Realtor and Lender, who can make your dream come true.  

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