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The Truth About Buying – RIGHT NOW

Jan 14, 2011

If you were to ask anyone that you considered had financial savvy whatsoever if real estate was a good buy, they would have to say “Yes”.  They might qualify that by saying, “…in the long run.” Or “…in the long-term.”  But it would be “YES”!

                That savvy person would also know that the main reasons you buy a home are appreciation, tax-advantages and pride of ownership. 

                The real truth, the most current compelling reasons to buy right now, are that prices are at or near the bottom of the market and interest rates are still at historic lows. 

                Many Buyers – and their agents too – have realized that right now.  One proof for this is that the phones at my office are ringing off the hook with Buyers looking to buy or their agents are looking to get offers in on our listings or Buyers are getting prequalified to Buy.

                This is the real truth.

                Do not buy the negative press you see or hear.  If you are a newspaper reader look at what the article with the negative headline really says.  In real life you might ignore this article because you think it will just describe more bad news.  I’ll give you a good instance of this.  You live in a big city in California.  Your local newspaper has a headline that says “Real Estate Sales Down 8%”.     So you take that as fact and you don’t bother to read what the article says as it’s probably more bad news.  You forget that headlines about bad news are what sells newspapers.   If you had thought to be a Home Buyer, it might make you want to wait before doing anything.

What was the real truth?  As you read that article it states the downturn in sales happened in Florida and Texas!  It said in your big California City that the median price for a home actually rose 4% for the last quarter!   You missed that good news!  The good news that would get you active right now.  Why didn’t they print the good news as the headline?  Well, bad news sells newspapers!  Here is an exercise that proves that point.  Pull out your local newspaper.  Count the number of headlines that appear to be bad news and/or alarming.  You will likely be shocked by how many there are.  I’m looking at the front page of my local paper right now.  There are 5 main articles with headlines.  4 out of 5 spell out bad news or are alarming.  I don’t know why I even bother with the newspaper anymore.  Habit I guess.  But I have learned that the headlines with bad news sell newspapers and try to glean the truth of the matter from the article.

But I digress (my almost favorite thing to do).  The truth is that there are more compelling reasons to buy right now than there have been since the purported debacle in real estate happened 5 plus years ago.  Don’t let the gloom and doom experts or people who are negative sway you from what you can or have observed for yourself.    

The truth can set you free.

Forest Tardibuono- the Guy in the White Hat – is a CA DRE Broker with more than 23 years of experience in real estate and lending.  His phone number is (707) 523-2099.  Email is [email protected].  See website @

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