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The Covid-19 Virus and Its Impact on California Real Estate

The Covid 19 Virus And Its Impact On California Real Estate

One of the burning questions facing all Californians today is: with Californians self-distancing and “hunkering down” for the immediate future, what will the impact be on our real estate market and investments?  While this pandemic is causing an economic downturn, it hasn’t yet affected home values and most economist are still optimistic with regards to the real estate market in general.

Real estate sales, rentals and leasing are a $445 billion industry in California and has been a major driver in personal wealth for property owners over the past decade.

Seeing the effect of the pandemic on the world economy naturally raises questions regarding other markets, like real estate.  Experts have made clear that an economic slowdown does not equal a housing crisis, nor does it mean a repeat of the 2008 debacle.  There were other economic issues at work during that recession that have been resolved by laws that were enacted since.

What we may be seeing is a longer wait for homes to sell once they hit the market and there may be some lowering of prices, but no major crash is predicted by the experts.  California housing demand remains strong and technology makes it easier to perform real estate shopping and buying online. Some adjustments we might be seeing are that viewing houses and inspections may be done more by appointment and with hyper vigilance for sanitizing, but it will not be impossible.

While we home-bound, this time would be good time for potential buyers to get their paperwork together for pre-approval, and for sellers to get their disclosures completed and begin the decluttering process.  Sellers can also line up the pre-sale inspections and necessary photographs so this time at home is not wasted.

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