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We Are Thankful For Being Able To Help Others With Our Loans

A Recent Hard Money Borrower Sent Us The Following:

“I wanted to thank you for your help in saving our home.

“Sun Pacific Mortgage and their hard money Lenders/Investors allowed us to save our home with a temporary hard money loan.  After going through a difficult financial time, we fell behind on our mortgage which prevented us from securing a conventional mortgage.   We were on the verge of making the difficult choice of selling our home or foreclosing, before contacting Sun Pacific Mortgage.

“The mortgage brokered by Sun Pacific Mortgage helped us save our home, which gave us time to clean up our credit.

“In addition, our Investor/Lender was flexible in extending our loan several months while we secured a conventional loan.  It was a win-win for everyone!

“After a two-year process, we are closing on a conventional refinance today!

“My family and I are eternally grateful for your service and the role Sun Pacific played in saving our home.

“Thank you again!” – Happy Borrower, D.B.

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