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Real Estate Broker, J.M. 11/22/2019

“I was shopping around for a hard money loan for the administrator of an estate and wasn’t getting much interest from the other hard money lenders, and spoke with Forest a number of times about the concept and was impressed by his approach and knowledge. The loan I was shopping for did not go forward, but when I decided to get back into investing in trust deeds, I thought of Sun Pacific.”

Happy Borrower, Rhodney H. – 2/15/2021

“I worked with Ken Walker about 4 times in the past, when it comes to hard money loans, this is the only place for me. I’ve tried other companies, but no one compared to Ken’s performance. Always returned phone calls or emails, very professional and timely. For me, Ken Walker is like what Tom Brady is to football. You’ll always come out a winner.”

Senior Loan Consultant, TCG – 4/9/2021

“Wow Ken, thank you so much ! I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am by your whole process and professionalism. You guys really set the bar and exceeded it . Not only were you fast as lightning (Superman ) but your helpfulness and overall just being nice to work with is so unexpected especially when it comes to hard money as I’m sure you know it’s not the status quo that we encounter when it comes to Hard money where its rush, rush , unfriendly , and take-it-or-leave-it attitude. You are for sure my GO-TO Hard Money lender. In fact, if I can’t send it to you, I don’t want to do it now . “