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Homes that are staged sell at a higher price and faster.  Like a car most people want a good looking car, not a car with dents and paint missing or garbage in the back seat!  There are many shows on TV (especially HGTV) on staging to sell.  Here is a partial list of the benefits that home staging provides:  1) Staged homes SELL FASTER.  2) Staged homes get higher offers  3) Staged houses look better in the MLS pictures, getting more potential buyers to actually come see the house in the first place  4) Staged houses have an edge over competing properties, and the staging can often sway the final decision.

Studies have shown that most buyers make a decision about a house within 15 seconds of walking in the door.  Many other buyers make a decision without ever getting out of their car.  The message here is that first impressions are very, very important when selling a home.

Home Staging Tips:  Curb appeal – eliminate any and all clutter, trim the bushes and do a thorough clean-up.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in making a house look good.  Fresh sod or landscaping can make a major difference.  Flowers!

Home Staging Tips:  Inside the House – eliminate all clutter.  Homes look bigger and more stylish without clutter.  Take all pictures off of the refrigerator; remove any stacks of paper on your desk, etc…  Also, having a professional house cleaning service come in and do a thorough once-over is almost always well worth the cost.

Fresh paint can make a real difference!  It is the frosting on the cake.  Use colors that will appeal to the greatest number of people.  You may prefer something bolder for yourself, but when selling a house, neutral-colored interior paints work best.  Also, replace any worn carpets or other flooring.  If you have hardwood floors that are in rough shape, having them refinished can often return many times the cost and sell the house much faster.

Make sure there are no unpleasant pet or cooking odors.  Use size-appropriate furniture.  Clear high-traffic areas of excess furnishings to maximize feeling of space.  Leave the lights on during the day to make the home as bright as possible.