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Reasons We Are Not in a Housing Bubble

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Reasons We Are Not in a Housing Bubble

With home values appreciating by 10% in 2020, there has been some speculation that we might be in a housing bubble such as we were a decade ago.  California residents, fear not!  Here are some incredibly significant facts that this time is not like the past: Housing supply is extremely limited:  If supply is low,…

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Get Your Loan Funded This Month!

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Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats

Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats – We offer FAST Financing. – Credit Problems Okay. – Primary Residence & Investment Properties Financed. – We have the Investors with the money. Recently Funded: Location:  San Francisco, San Francisco County Finance Program:  Primary Residence Bridge loan Loan Size:  $780,000 Days to Close: …

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California Counties Home Prices Continue To Climb

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Bay Area Second Quarter Home Prices

The growth in prices for homes in these major metros has been astonishing compared to last December.  Homeowners who held onto their homes have been rewarded with hefty increases in sold prices.  Still, the supply of pending sales is down.  Let’s look at some of the major metro areas’ statistics: Metro LA:  In December, average…

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Want Your Loan Approved and Funded?

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We Can Get That Loan Done – The Guys in the White Hats Our Private Money programs can help you if you want fast financing or you’ve been turned down elsewhere! Call 707-523-2099 with your scenario today. Loan of the Week We were recently contacted by a Broker who had a Borrower in need of…

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San Francisco & North Bay Real Estate Market – review of Jan.2021

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Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties have seen unprecedented sales numbers since the Spring of 2020. Pandemic conditions which resulted in remote working and distance learning has created a surge of demand for larger homes and bigger lots. Many San Francisco and Silicon Valley homeowners have found the answers to their search for a more compatible…

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Get A Home Loan From Direct Lenders

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Direct Private Money Loans – The Guys in the White Hats Recently Funded: Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Loan Program:  Investment property refinance Loan Size: $1,020,000 Days to Close:  16 Why Needed Us: Property needed renovations and didn’t conventionally qualify. Location:  No. Hollywood, Los Angeles County Loan Program:  Business Opportunity Loan Size:  $475,000 Days to…

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4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You & Your Clients.

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4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You Your Clients 1

For many decades “hard money”, also known as “private funding”, has been a lifesaver for many prospective buyers who would have otherwise been excluded from the real estate/mortgage market. Rather than turning your client away, wishing them “good luck” and possibly losing them to another loan agent, you now can offer them a solution with…

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Fast Approvals From Direct Lenders

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Direct Hard Money Lenders The Guys in the White Hats FAST Financing Trusted by over 10,000 Borrowers Self-employed OK Credit Problems OK We are here to help you, as we did the below home buyers and homeowners!  Give us a call at 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios and we’ll let you know how we…

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Real Estate Experts Biggest Housing Issues for 2021

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Real Estate Experts Biggest Housing Issues for 2021

A survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2020 of real estate professionals to determine the biggest stumbling blocks to growth in 2021.The following are some of the key trends they see as potential difficulties: Inventory shortages:  With levels down 22% from the previous year, this was the main concern of 84% of those…

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What Does Low Inventory Housing Mean to You?

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What Does Low Inventory Housing Mean to You

Lack of inventory has been the one constant throughout the real estate market for the past several years.  Depending on whether you are a buyer or seller, this will be a significant factor in how you deal with the process. If you’re a buyer, it may take time to find the right home for you. …

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