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No Darn Restrictions Here – Recently Helped Borrowers

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No Darn Covid Regs With Our Loans Tired of not getting quick loan approval? Let us help you with our Hard Money loan programs, just as we were able to help those below! Our alternative financing programs do not have any additional regulations that traditional lending institutions have.  We just require real estate equity and…

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Wildfires and Sonoma County Real Estate Market

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While the fires have no doubt slowed real estate buying & selling activity in the North Bay for the time being, we know from past disaster experiences, that we can expect the market to tighten up.  With more demands for housing already existing within Sonoma County and surrounding regions – and the demands being placed…

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Loan of the Week – Get Approved When Others Say No!

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Loan of the Week – Get Approved When Others Say No!

Loan Approval DESPITE Others Turning You Down!  Are you or your client fed up because the home loan approval process is taking way too long?  Or, that needed refinance is being turned down by an Underwriter/Another lending institution? Going into our 3rd decade as a family business, we can rapidly provide loan approval with our…

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So Many Mortgage Changes…So Many Myths!

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So Many Mortgage Myths

In an excellent article written by Erica Sweeney for, the author lists common myths that she wishes to debunk.  We feel that this article is so on-point with California mortgage market, that we want to share the essence with you. Recent days have brought on changes unheard of in the past, especially in the…

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Loan Approval With Less Regulations – Recently Funded

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3 generations strong with braden

Get Loan Approval Even If Self-Employed. Are you or your clients having problems getting loan approval with Underwriters at other lending institutions?   Are there mortgage approval slows due to issues of being self-employed, difficult-to-prove income, credit not good enough or turned down for some other reason? Let us help with our Hard Money loan…

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Not Even the Pandemic Can Keep Home Prices Down

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Not Even the Pandemic Can Keep Home Prices Down

Not just the California real estate market but majority of the US market has surprised even the most knowledgeable experts in the field.  Despite the crippling pandemic, unemployment crisis, a recession, and the looming presidential election, the residential real estate market is staging a surprising rebound. According to, the median home price increased by…

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Loan of the Week – Trustworthy Approvals

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trusted plain1

Get Loan Approval Despite Being Turned Down! If you, a client or friend are having issues getting home loan approval OR you just want fast financing, then let us help with our Hard Money loan programs! We have been in business over 32 years, providing help to thousands of borrowers and assisting hundreds of Realtors…

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California Homeowners Are in the Driver’s Seat

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California Homeowners Are in the Drivers Seat

If you have been considering a move up or buy your first-time home, consider this the optimal time to make the investment!  While today’s homeowners have been staying in their homes longer, equity has been building, and when equity grows, selling a house becomes increasingly desirable.  This equity can now be applied forward to the…

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Breaking News – Recently Funded!

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first Sept Promo

Easy Loan Approval With Hard Money! Breaking News: Are you running into difficulties with loan approval because your client is self-employed, has difficult-to-prove income, poor credit, needs fast cash or being turned down for some other reason? Our Hard Money loan programs do not have any new regulations. We have the same main 2 qualifications…

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California Real Estate Remains Best Long-Term Investment

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California Real Estate Remains Best Long Term Investment

For the seventh year in a row, Gallup is reporting that more Americans prefer real estate over other long-term investments as a vehicle for wealth growth.  The total numbers align like this:  35% prefer real estate, 21% prefer stocks, 17% CDs/bank accounts, and 16% prefer gold. The Gallup Poll goes on to state: “Americans have…

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