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Make the Winning Offer


Make the Winning Offer

Who doesn’t want to know how to beat out the other purchase contracts in today’s multiple offers and lower inventory markets, and buy that house!

There was a really good article in the Wall Street Journal recently about Hard Money loans.  It was informational to borrowers and investors alike.  It spoke of the fact that Hard Money loans will account for 1% of the 5.5 million home loans originated this year, up sharply from prior years.

It mentioned “Hard Money” filling an important void.  Look at just a few instances:


  1. You are 1 of 12 different offers with a highest-and-best counter, on a house you really want to live buy.  You have the ability to put down 30% of the purchase price and get pre-approved for a hard money loan with a quick call to a good local Hard Money Lender.  You remove loan contingencies, increase your earnest deposit and make a 15 day closing date and your offer gets accepted!  Now this is a scenario where you win and Hard Money can fund that loan!
  2. You just did a short sale on your home and want to buy another one.  Your favorite bank won’t even talk to you.  You know that prices are at rock bottom and you can buy the same home that you bought 5 years ago for $400,000 now priced at $250,000!  Hard Money can fund that loan!
  3. You lost your job and your credit is shot.  You now are back to work making the same money and you want to buy a house.  You’ve got 30% down.  No bank will touch you as your FICO score is 525.  Hard Money can fund that loan!


The Wall Street Journal article further states that the fees and rates are no doubt higher than a bank, but it is well worth it as “no bank is willing to listen.”

The real gist of this article is to not give up about buying a home; It just takes a strong and strategic offer to beat out all the others, despite not being the one with the most cash!

Even at Hard Money rates (some of which I’ve gotten funded as low as 9%)  its worth it because you’d be getting in at the bottom of the market and down the road could refinance to a 30-year fixed rate loan once qualified again.   Your gain from buying at the right time can offset the cost using Hard Money.

Take advantage of a Hard Money loan or help your potential Buyers succeed at getting into a new home by directing them to such versatile financing!

CREDIT – The Bane of Home Loan Approvals


CREDIT – The Bane of Home Loan Approvals

This aspect of qualifying for a home loan boils down to good credit versus bad credit.

The lenders left in the mortgage market arena, let’s call them institutional lenders, the ones that are offering the 30 year mortgages at historic low rates, require good credit (among other things).

Hard Money lenders allow bad credit. Institutional lenders will make you wait years after you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale before they will lend to you.

Hard money lenders will loan to you immediately after any of those events and even while you are going through them!

Same with recent credit problems including 30, 60, 90, 120 day lates, judgments and/or collection accounts.  Institutional lenders hate these.  Private money lenders can do a loan in spite of these.

Hard money lenders generally require just 2 things:

  1. Equity or a good down payment and
  2. Ability to repay the loan.


Look at the important role played by Hard Money:  Guy has a free and clear property.  He fell on some misfortune and his credit was damaged.  He makes plenty of money and he has no house payment.  He goes to his favorite bank where he’s been for 25 years.  Loan denied due to bad credit.  He calls a loan officer friend who works for a bigger bank who tells him he’s out of luck due to bad credit and to come see him in a couple of years.

This guy has a free and clear property and none of the institutional lenders will lend to him due to bad credit.   A Hard Money broker will do this loan!  There is equity and ability to repay.

Let’s say you have a happy couple who make good income and have saved up enough for a decent downn payment to buy a house.  They filed bankruptcy a year earlier which included a short sale so no bank will help them out.  Yet a Hard Money broker will do this loan as they have decent down payment and ability to repay!

This handles the credit aspect of a loan.  Give me a call today and let me help you and your Buyer(s).

How Can I Get A Home Loan?

Out of the Ashes…


by CA Broker, Forest Tardibuono

Out of the Ashes…
I have empirical evidence of the real estate market recovery. Statistics I monitor that have seen a dramatic turn recently. It has me more excited about the recovery than housing sales.
My Past Borrowers are buying houses, and they are using Hard Money to do it. And it’s logical that they would.

Picture this, my office did over 400 loans annually up to 2005 when the market tanked. The average Borrower up until 2005 borrowed 80% of the value of their home. A lot of them got a “free” home equity line of credit to boot as the lenders were giving those out like it was Halloween candy!

Then values were slashed in half in Sonoma County where I live. The median priced home in August 2005 was $619,000 and it dumped all the way down to a median of $305,000 last year. In outlying counties, the drop was as much as 66%.

So anyone who borrowed to 80% of the value of their home and then saw a 50% decline in value, has been foreclosed upon, did a short sale or is hanging in there hoping that values might recover to their former glory.
It was a deal killer for my business because in the pre-debacle days, the biggest quantity of loans in my company came from Past Borrowers, that is past clients. In second place were Referrals from Past Borrowers. That source of business virtually went away from 2005 until only very recently.

Over 50% of the loans written in my office this month are Past Borrowers. That’s way up from 0%. Now that’s a recovery!

And it’s because of Hard Money. Every one of those Past Borrowers has either a foreclosure or a short sale – or both in their recent credit history. Many have a recent bankruptcy. Not even their favorite bank will loan to them. Hard Money will. With a good down payment or equity in the property and an ability to make the monthly payments, I can do that loan.


Forest Tardibuono- the Guy in the White Hat – is a CA DRE Broker with more than 24 years of experience in real estate and lending.  His phone number is (707) 523-2099.  Email is Forest@sunpacmortgage.com.  See newly designed website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com.  DRE license #01464899. NMLS #360993. 

The Winning House Bid – You Get the Deal

The Winning Bid


It looks like the various predictions that 2012 will be the best year in Real Estate since 2006, are coming true.

The statistics bear this out for sure, but a more telling phenomena is the dreaded bidding war.  That is a listing that receives multiple offers.  These happen with frequency in a market with not emough homes and too many eager Buyers.  It also happens on really desirable properties.  Of course this is great for the Seller of that property and the values for that area, but only 1 Buyer will take home the prize.  The losing bidders will have to go find another one.  I have personally seen a Buyer from my office recently compete with 34 other offers on a property.

He had the Winning Bid.

What set his offer apart, as far as we can tell, is the fact that he was purchasing with Hard Money.

The listing agent knew that the Hard Money Pre-Approval for that Buyer meant that the lender was ready to go with this loan.  He knew that the property would not likely be a problem to the lender, as Hard Money will do really ugly properties, and this one was not that bad.  He also knew that it would be fast as the contract offered a close of escrow in 21 days or less.

So the Buyer made the offer using Hard Money with a 21 days or less close of escrow and all contingencies removed in 10 days instead of the default of 17 days. This was an offer the listing agent could really get behind and it was the Winning Bid – out of 34 others!

So if you are feeling beat up after making offer after offer to no avail, get to your local Hard Money Lender, get Pre-Approved and go write a Winning Bid!

Forest Tardibuono- the Guy in the White Hat – is a CA DRE Broker with more than 24 years of experience in real estate and lending.  His phone number is (707) 523-2099.  Email is Forest@sunpacmortgage.com.  See newly designed website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com.  DRE license #01464899. NMLS #360993. 

Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

Lenders Viewpoint
By Forest & Lynn Tardibuono

Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

After our Daughter ‘n Law (who is our Marketing Director) attended the local Sonoma County Tech Expo with seminars from experienced representatives of Trulia, Zillow and C.A.R., we all decided a list of the staple social networking, marketing and advertising sites for Real Estate Agents and Brokers would be helpful.

How can one keep up with the ever-changing and expanding, marketing and social networking world wide web, much less know which is the best avenue to take? You can’t! But you can profit from these with little of your own time exhausted, if you just know which ones to use.

The following list is based off almost 4 years of trial and error, weekly and monthly review of the response statistics of these avenues, as well as daily tracking of our calls into the office, for new loans and real estate interest. As these proved to be the most effective for our markets, we wanted to share so others could benefit as well.


Efficient/free advertising for promoting open houses, listings and your services:

Craigslist – free advertising, very popular site – one of top most ranked in USA.

Mountain Byteswww.Mountainbytes.com – $.01 cent per email address
A large Agent based opt-in website. Allows you to easily build your own e-fliers and target specific areas. Great for promoting your open houses and new listings.


Free Marketing/Networking

Social networking is not just a “craze” anymore but a must. Communication is the highest surveyed button amongst consumers. Plus, networking can only increase the number of people who can discover you and see what you can offer.

LinkedIn – Professional networking, passing along tips, giving and getting referrals.

Facebook – Cocktail socializing, good to show how friendly and locally informed you are.

Trulia – Very popular real estate search site with consumers. Set up your own profile and virtually let MLS do the rest as it’s updated with your MLS info (you just have to “claim” your listings). There’s an advice area where you can answer questions and become the “one who knows and can helps”,
potentially picking up more business!

Zillow – Similar to Trulia site, so just set up a profile and away you go!


Free “Virtual Office”
(For those out of the office with clients most of the day)

Team Viewerwww.Teamviewer.com
Easy to set up, does not require anyone tech-savvy. It allows you 24/7 access your [office] computer files, applications and docs anytime and anywhere you have internet access. While out with clients, if you need to refer to something at the office on your computer, access it immediately from your smartphone or tablet (iPhone and Android compatible).

An online “share box”. Allows you to you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again and offers easy access for your Buyers, when they are not with you, to view your pictures of houses for sale, review docs, etc.
The above is by far not an end all, but, as a small family owned real estate and hard money loans company, it allows us not to spread ourselves too thin while accomplishing the reason behind social networking and internet marketing: make ourselves known to get more customers we can help!
Good luck with these.


Forest Tardibuono is a CA DRE Broker and the “Guy in the White Hat” – Your Hard Money Lender; Lynn Tardibuono is Realtor/Co-Owner and Flipper Chick of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County since 1988, servicing all Northern CA. www.sunpacmortgage.com

Make The Market Work For You Instead Of Desperately Working For It!


Getting the message out to Realtors and your clients about the current market good news, such as “You can sell your house for free with a short sale” and “equity sales are up 59%!” will only make you more money.

Like Mike Kelly of Keller Williams Realty stated, “By creating a bigger pie we all get a bigger slice!”. If you really KNOW what’s going on in the Real Estate market then you WILL become a “local economist” and get paid the big bucks…. As you will know how to drum up the best and most business!

Working in the Sonoma County Real Estate and Loans business since 1988, I’ve learned to “work the market” so that I can still be successful when the market changes. LISTEN TO THOSE WHO KNOW; LISTEN TO THOSE WITH THE ROUTINE SALES AND LISTINGS. Facts and Stats tell the tale BUT facts and stats also can lead to new tales of those who put the tips to use!

Proven TIP #1: Be a local expert by putting to use MLS and Market Metrics. Why not gain knowledge to get more in control of the market and make it work for you instead of desperately working for it?!

Review these facts, charts and figures presented by Mike Kelly of Keller Williams at the KNOW YOUR NUMBERS class on Thursday, September 6th. Share the information on your social sites, blogs, websites, emails, in your interviews with your clients. And then put it all to use! To access the power point presentation, visit this link:


Proven TIP #2: Go out and find Sales. Let’s get down to brass tacks; It takes hard work, rolling up one’s sleeves and using those walking shoes to be a successful Real Estate Agent. There are an abundant amount of Buyers and a lack of inventory but there are loads of equity owned homes with potential sellers residing in them. By using MLS and Market Metrics find those with equity in the areas your Buyers are interested in and contact them – by phone, email or in person with a friendly visit!

My long time friend and Realtor has been doing just this the past couple of months and it’s going great! He has many Buyers and [new] listings. No short sales and no foreclosure messes means fast transactions for both parties. And he’s happy with the 4 houses closing escrow and a new listing he found from knocking on doors – last week alone!

Don’t sit around and wait for the market to change. Each of us doing diligent study of the local current market and then making this known and doing “dirty work” to get things going again WILL change the market for the better; Don’t just sit around – make more money for yourself and make more happy home owners!

Best, Lynn

Sure Advice for Real Estate Success

By; Broker Forest Tardibuono

Sure Advice for Real Estate Success

As Rick Laws mentions in his 2nd quarter real estate report, the Bay Area experienced over 30% increase in homes sold compared with last year.  A 30% increase!

The big question is: “How does a Buying Agent get their Buyers to write the offer that gets accepted?”.  The answer is: “ They make the strongest offer.”  But what does this mean?

Below are some very successful points of advice that, when followed as much as possible, will definitely contribute to a successful accepted offer:

  1. Higher initial deposit.
  2. Shorten close date.
  3. Remove as many contingencies where possible. (For example, an investor or flipper who will remodel the home and resell or rent it, might go for removing inspection contingencies.)
  4. Stronger loan; Shorter loan contingency removal date; No loan contingency at all.  (This can be accomplished by getting a hard money loan for example.)

Why should a Realtor or Buyer for that matter consider following the above points of advice to increase the likelihood of getting an accepted offer?  How about for these 4 main reasons to own a home:

  1.  Tax Savings.
  2. Pride of Ownership.
  3. Appreciation.
  4. Accumulation of Wealth.  (For renters, if rents go up in the next 30 years at the same rate they did over the prior 30 years then someone renting today for $1,600 will be paying $4,496 in 30 years.   30 Year Fixed rate mortgages stay the same and one can pay down their home and increase their equity, ie. accumulation of wealth.)

In today’s real estate market, houses are just increasing in value so Buyers are making smart decisions for their future financially.

Hard Money can definitely help make an offer “strong”.  I work with Buyers who have damaged credit including a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale in the immediate past.  With a good down payment and an ability to show you can pay for the loan, you can get a loan and be a homeowner today.  So call me!

Forest Tardibuono- the Guy in the White Hat – is a CA DRE Broker with more than 24 years of experience in real estate and lending.  His phone number is (707) 523-2099.  Email is Forest@sunpacmortgage.com.  See newly designed website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com.  DRE license #01464899. NMLS #360993.