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What Are Experts Saying About the California Housing Market?

What Are Experts Saying About The Housing Market?

Here are some of the latest quotes by the economic experts regarding the housing market in the U.S.:

“There are growing signs that housing market activity may be closer to a trough. The decline in mortgage rates over the past couple of months has led to a small improvement in affordability and a rise in home buyer sentiment, albeit from a record low. Corroborating this, mortgage applications for home purchase have ticked higher in the past couple of months, which should feed through to higher sales.” Sam Hall, property economist at Capital Economics.

Let’s be clear: Even if home sales have indeed bottomed out, it doesn’t guarantee that home sales will have a swift recovery. This is what we can expect when home prices soared 41% in just over two years and mortgage rates doubled in a 12-month span.

Just because U.S. home sales might be nearing a bottom doesn’t mean we should be looking at the bottom for U.S. home prices.

“Affordability will remain stretched. We think house prices will need to fall another 6-7% to bring affordability back to a level that will support more normal levels of demand.” Capital Economics researchers.

The reason the housing market activity could be on the mend is because affordability has “depressurized” a bit lately. Over the past two months, the mortgage rates decreased, and incomes increased, helping to “depressurize” the market. Recently, Mark Zandi told Fortune:

“Housing demand is close to a trough; housing supply has yet to hit bottom; and house prices have a way to go before reaching their nadir. The reason: housing affordability remains out of balance.

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Loan of the Week – Happy Valentine’s Day

Image6 Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, And If You Have A Loan That’s Bugging You, Let Our Direct Private Money Loan Programs Help You, Just Like We Did Below:Loan of the Week – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and if you have a loan that’s bugging you, let our Direct Private Money Loan Programs help You, just like we did below:

Program:  Rush Purchase
Loan Size: $510,000
Location: San Mateo County
Why Came To Us: A Broker brought us his Borrower, who had already spent 1 month trying to get financing, but was now about to lose out on a purchase.  This Borrower had a good down payment but since he was self-employed, he was having a problem proving income per conventional guidelines.  This is where our flexible Private Money programs became the answer for his investment needs!  We worked with the Broker and got this loan funded in 10 days.

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Predicted Trends in California Real Estate for 2023

Should Inflation Stop You From Buying A Home In 2022Every year starts with predicted trends based on the previous year’s conditions and the overall financial, geo-political and social situation in any given area. Here are some of the ones predicted for California:

  • Buyers will be less likely to invest. For Sellers this means a lower demand and more effort to sell their properties, while Buyers have more homes to choose from if they decide to make the move.
  • Buyers are leaving cities for the suburbs. This trend from 2021-2022 will probably continue in 2023. Big cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are experiencing a decrease in sales, due to high prices and the fact that people are looking for a less busy place to live while they continue to work remotely.
  • High mortgage rates continue to hurt both Sellers and Buyers. More Buyers are considering short-term private mortgages as a means of getting into a home quickly and with fewer restrictions.
  • Should you buy or sell a new home now? The experts predict a continued Seller’s market in California. Low inventory ensures Sellers are at an advantage, and rising prices are only encouraging Sellers to put their properties up for sale.

If you do decide to sell this year, the experts advise not to wait until the last minute to find a new home. Many Sellers today find their new home first and use the equity in their existing home to obtain a “bridge loan”. This is allowing them to secure a home before selling their existing one. If this is a possible solution to your buying dilemma, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099 to discuss a private bridge loan or visit our website www.SunPacificMortgage.com to find out more information about the Private Money mortgages we offer.

Speed Lending – Refinances and Purchases!

Feb 2022 Week 3 For The Sake Of Speed, Let’s Get You Some Fast Facts About How We Can Help You Or Someone You Know:For the sake of SPEED, let’s get you some FAST facts about how we can help you or someone you know:

  • FAST Approvals
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  • 10 Day Closes or Less
  • Financing up to 2 million

Loan Of The Week

Program: Rental Property Rush Purchase
Loan Size: $678,000
Location: Sonoma County
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How Did The San Francisco Peninsula Real Estate Kick Off 2023?

Marin County I Continue To Keep Up On The Real Estate Markets To Assist Not Just The Bay Area Homebuyers And Borrowers, But Also To Share This Information With Other Licensed Brokers, Loan Originators And Realtors So We All Can Provide Good Services To Our Clients.

I continue to keep up on the real estate markets to assist not just the Bay Area homebuyers and Borrowers, but also to share this information with other licensed Brokers, Loan Originators and realtors so we all can provide good services to our clients.

Below is a snapshot of the Peninsula cities state of real estate, the first month of this new year:

Menlo Park:        

Days on the market= 29
Average sales price= $3,086,681

Foster City:

Days on the market=13
Average sales price= $1,990,714


Days on the market= 32
Average sales price= $1,898,800

San Carlos:

Days on the market= 31
Average sales price= $2,002,206

San Mateo:

Days on the market= 34
Average sales price= $1,961,789


Days on the market= 41
Average sales price= $2,832,361

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Ready To Feel The Need For Speed? Private Financing!

Rea Jan Week 4 Us Again – Dropping Into Your Inbox With Fast Mortgage Solutions.  If You Or Someone You Know Are In The Need For Speed Financing – Or You’ve Been Turned Down Elsewhere For A Refinance Or Purchase Loan - Give Us A Call So We Can Help You, Like We Did Before.Feel The Need…? The Need for Speed!

Us again – dropping into your inbox with FAST mortgage solutions.  If you or someone you know are in the need for speed financing – or you’ve been turned down elsewhere for a refinance or purchase loan – give us a call so we can help you, like we did before.

Here’s some recent Borrowers we helped with our Private Money programs:

Recently Funded Loans

Program: Owner Occupied Refinance
Loan Size: 1.21 million
Location: Sonoma County
Why Came To Us: Borrower wanted to improve their credit and used cash out to consolidate debt before the New Year.  We funded in just 10 days!

Program: Investment Property Purchase
Loan Size: 417k
Location: Monterey County
Why Came To Us:  House needed a new roof and some repairs so we helped get the Hard Money loan done in just 8 days!

Program: Business Purpose Refinance
Loan Size: 987k
Location: Riverside County
Why Came To Us: Needed fast cash-out for an Investment property renovation but had difficulty proving income as self-employed.  We had loan done in 2 weeks!

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How Is Contra Costa & Santa Clara County Real Estate Looking?

Santa Clara Real Estate For Those Of Us Who Benefit From Knowing What The Real Estate Markets Are Doing Throughout California, I Find This Type Of Information Useful.  It’s Smart To Be Up To Date With Real Estate Trends, Stats And Market Changes So You Can Inform Potential Homebuyers Who Want To Purchase, And Better Advise Borrowers Who Are Looking To Refinance.

For those of us who benefit from knowing what the real estate markets are doing throughout California, I find this type of information useful.  It’s smart to be up to date with real estate trends, stats and market changes so you can inform potential homebuyers who want to purchase, and better advise borrowers who are looking to refinance.

Following is what the housing markets looked like mid-month, for the Northern Counties of Santa Clara and Contra:

Contra Costa
Median Sales Price: $825,000
Average days on market: 88
Inventory: 762 properties
Price increase: down 2%
Price decrease: down 36%

Santa Clara
Median Sales Price: $1,563,500
Average Days on market: 98
Inventory: 586
Price increase: up 2%
Price decrease: up 31%

The statistics for these two counties exemplify the uniqueness of the housing market by specific areas. Like no two states are alike, not even two counties are alike. It is difficult to generalize the state of the market at any time, but especially in today’s market.  So again, it’s smart to be up to date on these facts & stats, so you can benefit as a Real Estate Agent and licensed Lender or Mortgage Broker.  Let’s help our clients better!

If you or a client are running into tighter lending restrictions and are in need of flexible financing for a purchase or refinance – for anywhere in California – give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099 to discuss our Private Money loan programs or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.  Our Private Money loans specifically tailored to those who need FAST financing or don’t currently qualify for conventional mortgages.

In Need of Flexible, Friendly Financing? Loan of the Week!

8162B071Bbe94F76C811A20Bd159E6B6.Jpeg Are You Running Into Stops Or Difficulties Getting Loan Approval? You Won’t Have These Stops With Us!

Are you running into stops or difficulties getting loan approval? You won’t have these stops with us!

At our family owned and operated company, we have helped well over 10,000 Borrowers/Buyers with our trusted and fast Private Money Programs – just like below:

Loan of the Week

Program: Investment Purchase
Loan Size: $720,000
Loan to value: 44%
Location: Sonoma County
Why Came To Us:  Underwriting turned down Borrower at the last minute, due to debt-to-income ratio being too high.  Escrow was supposed to close in just 12 days, but a loan was still needed.  We got right to it with our flexible Private Money programs, resulting in the needed loan and a very happy Borrower because Escrow successfully closed on time!


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California Real Estate Analytics In A Nutshell

Wine Country Real Estate Trends For January 2022

While interest rates are higher than a year ago, they have steadily been declining since November.  With home prices cooling and market competition easing, some Buyers who missed out on the frenzied market of the last two years are taking advantage and finding sellers more willing to negotiate than in the past.

Looking at the statistics for home prices from top to bottom in California, we can see that is certainly not all gloom and doom:

  • Far North: highest year-over-year drop of 3.7%, with the median price being $366,000
  • San Francisco Bay Area: the highest year-over-year decline of 5.8%, with median price being $1,225,000
  • Central Coast: year-over-year gain of 0.1%, with median price being $900,000
  • Central Valley: year-over-year drop of 1.3%, with median price being $445,000
  • Southern California: year-over-year gain of 0%, with median price being $750,000

According to Zillow, the typical home in Orange County is still above $1,000,000 and overall, prices in Southern California haven’t fallen as much as the median indicates.

San Bernadino County has experienced a 0.5% loss since the peak, while San Diego Couty has experienced a 2.6% drop. It is good to note however, that home prices in every County are higher than they were a year ago.

There are very few analysts who anticipate price declines on a par with those seen during the Great Recession, if any at all. The market remains favorable to house sellers as they remain in control.

If you missed out on the last 2 year’s wild real estate market, this could be your year to win. Need faster or more forgiving real estate loan?  How about calling Sun Pacific Mortgage at 707-523-2099 or get more information about our Private Money purchase and refinance programs on our website: www.SunPacificMortgage.com . Our 35 years of lending and hundreds of Private Investors have the experience to help get you into your dream home, to help you access your equity to buy another property, or build an additional residence on your present property.

Trusted Hard Money Lenders For 35 Years

Jan 2023 We’re Continuing The Legacy Of Fast, Flexible, Friendly And Expert Private Money Loans For 35 Years! We Provide:

We’re continuing the legacy of fast, flexible, friendly and expert Private Money loans for 35 years! We provide:

  • FAST Approvals
  • Primary Residence Financing
  • Financing despite Debt-to-Income Ratios
  • Property Condition Not A Problem

Loan of the Week

Program: Owner-Occupied Rush Refinance
Loan Size: 843k
Loan to value: 51%
Location: Sonoma County
Why Came To Us: Borrower was brought to us because of difficult to prove income. The Borrower wanted to pull cash out of her equity to do some necessary debt consolidation and renovations before the holidays. We had no problems with getting her loan approved and funded by our Private Investor in just 10 days!


If you our someone you know needs fast funding or doesn’t qualify at the moment for conventional financing, visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com or call us at 707-523-2099!  We’ll be happy to send a proposal for what we can do to help.

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