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2023 California Housing Market Continues to Stabilize

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Most housing analysts expected 2023 to be a rough year for the U.S. housing market. In fact, among the 29 major housing forecast models, 24 forecasted a national home price decline for 2023.

But, so far, that hasn’t proven to be true.

Through the first few months of 2023, the U.S. housing market continues to show signs of stabilization. Existing and new home sales have inched up a bit this year, and homebuilder confidence has improved. Firms like Zillow, CoreLogic, and Black Knight have all reported positive month-over-month home price increases this Spring.

What’s going on? For starters, a lack of homes for sale, coupled with the market entering its busier Spring period, has, at least for now, pushed the national housing market back into equilibrium.

Don’t misread the above statement and think that the housing market is normal just yet. Some housing markets are booming right now, while others, like San Jose, are still passing through a home price correction.  Even within a particular market, it can vary considerably.

According to Zillow, among the 1,563 California ZIP codes tracked, 6.7% saw home price increases between December 2022 and March 2023. The other 93.3% of California ZIP codes saw a home price decrease, if only slightly.

CoreLogic, a real estate research firm, expects U.S. home prices to rise 3% between January 2023 to January 2024. If CoreLogic is correct, then U.S. home prices would end 2023 back at price levels achieved at the height of the boom in June.

It is good to remember that the appreciation in California home values during the past 2 years was about 15%, so these slight declines should not deter buyers from jumping into the real estate market.

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Retreat of the California Seller’s Market

Buyer'S Market

Real estate agents throughout the California regions are reporting a rapid shift in the market. Six months ago in quarter 2 2022, 95% of agents who were surveyed characterized their market as a seller’s market. In Q3, that number had declined to 51%, and in Q4 it fell to just 30% of agents.

Home Buyers in this wonderful state of California, are beginning to see more favorable conditions when it comes to pricing and competition for homes as the market continues to rebalance. This is in sharp contrast to the hot real estate and lending markets that we witnessed from 2020 to mid-2022, when agents consistently reported a buyer’s market at a rate of only 1%-2%.

An example of this market shift can be found in a study where 64% of agents say that most homes in their market are not getting multiple offers. This is reminiscent of the trend that began in Q3 2022.

Nearly 95% of all agents surveyed reported that the average days on the market for listings in their area is increasing. But because housing is retaining much of the staggering equity gains of the past couple of years, and the increasing interest rates affecting affordability, the situation isn’t a buyer’s paradise yet.

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A Look at Northern California Real Estate in April

Genmid.ndp2302742 1 2 Jpg If We Look Specifically At The Sonoma County Real Estate Market From Late 2022 Through Mid-April 2023, We Can See That Buyer Demand Seems To Have Rebounded From The Historic Mid-Winter Doldrums. The Signs That Things Are Looking Up Include The Percentage Of Listings Going Into Contract, Overbidding Picking Up, And The Days On The Market Decreasing.

If we look specifically at the Sonoma County Real Estate market from late 2022 through mid-April 2023, we can see that buyer demand seems to have rebounded from the historic mid-winter doldrums. The signs that things are looking up include the percentage of listings going into contract, overbidding picking up, and the days on the market decreasing.

The median home price in the 10 Northern California counties during the past 4 months through mid-March 2023 are indicative of a robust real estate market:

  • San Mateo County: $1,550,000
  • San Francisco County: $1,400,000
  • Santa Clara County: $1,393,000
  • Marin County: $1,248,500
  • Santa Cruz County: $1,150,000
  • Alameda County: $968,000
  • Sonoma County: $750,000
  • Monterey County: $702,500
  • Contra Costa County: $670,000
  • Solano County: $538,000

We have entered the seasonal period where inventory begins to pick up and some counties are even seeing selling prices exceeding asking prices.

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Check Out North Bay Counties Real Estate Values: Past & Present!

Housing2 970X550 1 Wonder How Much Property Increased In The North Bay From Spring 2020 Until Spring 2022? Here Is The Data For Some Of The Cities:

Wonder how much property increased in the North Bay from Spring 2020 until Spring 2022? Here is the data for some of the cities:

Santa Cruz: 58%

Alameda: 46%

Marin: 43%

Contra Costa: 42%

Santa Clara: 39%

San Mateo: 37%

Napa: 37%

Solano: 31%

Sonoma: 30%

San Francisco: 25%

With these figures adding to our property owners’ wealth, the thought of losing 5%-10% of equity shouldn’t be considered a devastating hit. And a 5%-10% decrease in property values is what the experts are predicting. The extreme appreciation that was the norm for the prior couple of years has come to an end and real estate is finding its new normal. We are looking at a more balanced real estate world where the seller is not always “king”, and the buyer does not need to waive inspections and be outbid by a dozen other would-be home-owners.

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Investing in Deeds of Trust Versus Banks

Invest Regulators Seem To Have Helped Avoid A Global Financial Contagion After Recent Bank Crises In The U.s. And Switzerland, But Investors Remain Unconvinced That The Global Economy Is Sound.

Regulators seem to have helped avoid a global financial contagion after recent bank crises in the U.S. and Switzerland, but investors remain unconvinced that the global economy is sound.

With all the unrest in banks and the general economy, investors are once again turning to real estate as a safe haven for their money.  Real estate investments have polled consistently as the safest investment for those intent on growing and preserving their wealth.

A popular investment strategy among many investors has been the private money lending sector, or trust deed investing. With this type of financing, the investor lends a mortgage to an individual allowing he/she to purchase or refinance property.

Among the advantages of trust deed investing, is the passive nature of this investment. The lender becomes the recipient of monthly interest and/or principal payments without the hassle of rental problems.

If the borrowers are thoroughly vetted, as they are with Sun Pacific Mortgage, the negatives are few. And if the investor opts for a servicing company to handle the collection of funds monthly and any legal issues that might arise, the investor can sit back and enjoy the financial benefits of a high interest loan without the problems associated with other real estate investments.

Our investors are the backbone of our business. The appreciation felt is mutual. While we continue to supply them with profitable opportunities to place their finances in safe real estate investments, they continue to grow their wealth and diversify their portfolios.

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Bucking Horse Promo Update Copy Need Financing For A Home Purchase? How About A Quick Refinance Or To Pull Equity Out Of Your Current Home?  Get Full Speed Ahead With Your Real Estate Plans, Using Our Direct Private Lending Programs!Need financing for a home purchase? How about a quick refinance or to pull equity out of your current home?  Get full speed ahead with your real estate plans, using our direct Private Lending Programs!

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Program: Investment Property Jumbo Refinance
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