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We’ve realized that our hometown – Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA – has taught us a BIG lesson: No matter what happens, be it wildfires or Coronavirus, we will be open and help all we can!  Sonoma Strong!

With the volatility in the stock market and uncertainty about the Coronavirus some are concerned we may be headed for another housing crash like the one we experienced from 2006-2008.  The mere scare of this coronavirus and the mystery of its effects are producing hysteria.

There are many indications this real estate market is nothing like the 2006/2008 market but instead is staying strong!

Our Alt-A Hard Money program is super popular, realtors & financial institutions are busy with potential home buyers knowing now is the time to buy and many homeowners are refinancing with the 30-year conventional rates at historic lows.

With the multiple counties operating on “shelter-in” mandates, it is more important than ever to ensure clients who are in need of our alternative refinancing get it.  We therefore will continue to provide our services while putting in extra actions to ensure the safety and health of family members at our company.  

Timely news recently promoted this in a local paper by licensed Real Estate Agent, Eli Tucker:

“Currently, buyers still seem more motivated by historically low rates and lack of buying opportunities than they are concerned that they likely impact of the virus.  It seems that long-term confidence in local real estate is still a stronger influence on people’s decisions”. 

Here are some facts showing the current market is stronger:

1. Mortgage standards are nothing like they were back then.

During the housing bubble, it was not difficult to get a mortgage. Today, it is tough to qualify.  Not everyone can get a loan

2. Prices are not soaring out of control. 

Below is a graph showing annual house appreciation over the past six years, compared to the six years leading up to the height of the housing bubble. Though price appreciation has been quite strong recently, it is nowhere near the rise in prices that preceded the crash.

annual home appreciation

3. We don’t have a surplus of homes on the market. We have a shortage. 

The months’ supply of inventory needed to sustain a normal real estate market is approximately six months. Anything more than that is an overabundance and will causes prices to depreciate. Anything less than that is a shortage and will lead to continued appreciation. Statistically there were too many homes for sale in 2007, and that contributed to prices tumbling. Today, there’s a shortage of inventory which is causing an appreciation in home values.

4. People are equity rich, not tapped out.

In the run-up to the housing bubble, homeowners were using their homes as a personal ATM machine. Many immediately withdrew their equity once it built up, and they learned their lesson in the process. Prices have risen nicely over the last few years, leading to over fifty percent of homes in the country having greater than 50% equity. But owners have not been tapping into it like the last time. Compared to 2005 – 2007, homeowners have cashed out over $500 billion dollars less than before.

We have also spoken to many individuals in the California lending and real estate fields as well as experienced opinion leaders in the medical field.  Below are facts & information from credible sources we hope helps to bring stability and calm: 

From long-time licensed realtor, D.M.: “It’s important to keep things in perspective. It may take some time but the market will power through & become stronger as a result.” 

From licensed Realtor and Lender of 32+ years, Lynn Tardibuono: “We made it through the fires and came out stronger, together. Working together our community will get through this too.” 

And from a friend of one of our family members, who is a microbiologist closely involved in the research side of both medical and weaponized microbiology:

“Unfortunately, the first things I need to address is the plethora of misinformation being circulated, which has recently grown out of control. It is easy to cherry-pick statistics to fit any narrative, even from reputable sources.

“Coronavirus is a common viral family in both humans and animals. Stop spreading fear and start being more critical of your information sources and how data might be manipulated. Even in the medical field, very few are trained extensively in virology. If you have an underlying medical condition, make sure you are properly managing it to decrease the odds of complications. Keep healthy and informed friends!”

Bottom line: 

Real Estate market is still strong.  We are in business and doing well, buyers are still out shopping, homeowners are still refinancing to pull cash out for their businesses and personal use.

We all need to flourish & prosper as best we can so that our community is helped and gets back to normal.

Wrangled Up Unique Financing For You!

Wrangeled Up Promo 2020

Taking advantage of our most popular alternative finance program could be the best mortgage option for yourself or a client – with rates as low as *6%!

If the FICO score is good (640 and up), the loan to value is 64% or less,  and the property being purchased or refinanced is in good condition, then our Alt-A Hard Money Loan could be just the solution you are seeking.

Call us at 707-523-2099 and we’ll quickly respond with our answer to your financing dilemma!

Recently Funded with Alternative Financing

Location: Oakley, Contra Costa County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Bridge Loan Refinance
Loan Size: $310,000 with 62% LTV
Days To Finish: 19
Why Needed Us: Wanted to buy another property prior to his current home being sold.

Location:  Murrieta, Riverside County
Finance Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: $650,000 with 63% LTV
Days To Finish: 17
Why Needed Us: Was looking for fast capital for his business.

Location:  Mill Valley, Marin County
Finance Program: Investment Property Purchase
Loan Size: $2,100,000 with 67% LTV
Days To Finish: 16
Why Needed Us: Real Estate Investor having difficulty with financing elsewhere due to multiple properties owned with mortgages.

Location: Covina, Los Angeles County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Temporary Refinance
Loan Size: $450,000 with 62% LTV
Days To Finish: 11
Why Needed Us: Turned down by other lending institutions due to difficult to prove income.


*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%.

Los Angeles 4th Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Los Angeles 4th Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Recently Compass California Real Estate issued a 4th quarter report on the sales activity in the larger Los Angeles area.  The report heralds a favorable start to 2020 with overall sales increasing more than 7%, although the average home sales prices varied from market to market. Here is a brief summary of a few areas:

  • South Bay:  Healthy increase in demand and activity over last year.
  • San Fernando Valley:  varied widely from one area to the next, with both increases and sharp declines.
  • Westside communities: Small increase of 2%.  Single family residences in Westwood and Century City had price increases of 15% and condominiums increased 17%. Culver City, a popular area for Millennials, enjoyed a 20% price increase from last year for condos and single-family homes rose 19%
  • Coastal communities:  Activity was mixed with only 2% increase in sales compared to last year.  Sales prices rose 12%, however.
  • San Fernando Valley:  The West saw an 8% increase in activity driven by strong condo sales.  The overall sales price slowed to a 5% increase over last year. The East market for single family homes was strong, but further east (e.g. Glendale, Burbank) sales activity fell because of inventory shortages.
  • South Bay:  Home sales activity was energetic, up 17% from last year.  Among the standouts was Playa Del Rey (233%) and Playa Vista (75%) thanks to more companies opening shop in “Silicon Beach”.

What can we take from this recap of the last quarter?  It appears that hopeful buyers have returned to the market especially where prices have softened.  Homebuyers should take note that current housing conditions remain favorable as we launch into 2020.

Get out there and sell your property if you’ve considered doing this; Get out there and by your new home or investment property – don’t wait, the time is now.

Is It The Right Time To Sell Or Buy In California?

Is It The Right Time To Sell Or Buy In California

People generally believe that the winter months are not the best time to list their home for sale; however, a recent report in Showingtime, a real estate industry magazine, reveals how this year is different all over the country: Buyer activity is way up compared to the same time last year.

The West, specifically, saw the greatest growth in activity with a 23.1% increase – believed to be the best in the history of record keeping.

In the past, most people thought April was the beginning of the surge in buyer activity – not anymore!  There is a lot of speculation about why the search for a home is shifting to an earlier start.

The one thing we do know is if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home this year, the earlier you get started, the better.  With the reality of fewer homes on the market in the winter, waiting for more competition in the spring might be a mistake. It makes sense to sell when there is a greater demand and less inventory, and according to the experts, that time is now!

No need to fear beginning to search for your new dream home before selling your present house. If you should be fortunate enough to find the home of your dreams, but don’t yet have the funds from the sale of your old home, Sun Pacific Mortgage can help you with their bridge loan program, even if you have less than stellar credit.

We have been able to span the gap between old and new for our clients over the past 32 years of alternative financing.

If you would like more information regarding our real estate financing programs, give us a call at 707-523-2099 and we would be happy to help you determine your eligibility.

Most Popular Program – Recently Funded!

aug promo 5 1

Most Popular Alternative Financing!

Want fast alternative financing or have a client who just misses qualifying for regular “A-paper” financing? 

Then you have to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind loan program:

  • Rates as low as *6%!
  • Good credit (640 and up)
  • Loan To Value 64% or less
  • Property in good condition & location 

Call us at 707-523-2099 and we will let you know how we can help! 

Recently Funded with Alternative Financing

Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Finance Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: $550,000 with 64% LTV
Days To Finish: 12
Why Needed Us: Needed fast capital for business purpose. 

Location: San Diego, San Diego County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Temporary Refinance 
Loan Size: $320,000 with 72% LTV
Days To Finish: 9
Why Needed Us: Wanted to spruce-up property so could sell it faster and for higher return. 

Location: Saratoga, Santa Clara County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Temporary Refinance
Loan Size: $1,065,000 with 64% LTV
Days To Finish: 16
Why Needed Us: Turned down by other lending institutions due to difficult to prove income. 

Location:  Mission Viejo, Orange County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Business Purpose Refinance 
Loan Size: $470,000 with 63% LTV
Days To Finish: 20
Why Needed Us: Wanted fast cash to purchase another property and turn it into an investment, cash-flowing rental. 


*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%. 

Q4 2019 Sonoma and Napa Counties Real Estate Reports

Q4 2019 Sonoma and Napa Counties Real Estate Reports

Recent Sonoma and Napa Counties real estate statistics reveal a flattening of the market experienced last quarter:

Napa County

  • # of closed sales = 276 (1% decrease over prior year)
  • Average sales price:  $1.0 Million (9% decrease over prior year)

Sonoma County

  • # of closed sales = 1,022 (2% decrease over prior year)
  • Average sales price:  $788,000 (1% increase over prior year)

As of February 2020 Sonoma County Real Estate Market Results:

  • Median Price:  $660,000 (+4.8%)
  • Average Price:  $796,992 (4.6%)
  • No. Sold: 208 (-24.6%)
  • Pending Properties: 357 (+25.3%)
  • Active:  586 (-8.3%)
  • Sale/List Price Ratio:  98% (-0.3%)
  • Days on Market:  94 (+23.4%)
  • Days of Inventory:  84 (+2)

At present the market remains divided between listings that buyers find appealing and well-priced (which sell quickly) and listings that sit on the market for longer periods and require price reductions to sell.  The difference, most probably, is a lack of preparation on the part of the seller to show the property at its best or pricing buyers find unreasonable.

What can we expect going into 2020? According to economist Ken Rosen at UC Berkeley we are looking at the Bay Area median price to remain basically flat, that is, within a 2% range either way.  This means it would look very much like 2019. Nobody can accurately predict the future, but this report sounds much less sensational and more reasonable than others.

If you are looking for a fast loan or cannot qualify for a conventional loan, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099.  We have helped thousands like you to achieve their dream of homeownership or to purchase investment properties as a path to wealth.

Recently Funded – Trusted for Over 3 Decades

ft and kw Feb2

Family Owned for 32+ Years!

“What I liked most about working with you was your SPEED. My borrowers/clients were happily satisfied. You are our go-to for Owner Occupied hard money, so I definitely refer you to anyone!”
– Bank Acct Manager, E.G. 

As you can see in the below Recently Funded scenarios, we are here to assist you or a client with a fast loan!  Sun Pacific Mortgage is your answer when other conventional institutions are unable to help due to property condition, difficult to prove income, etc.   

As we enter our 33rd year as a family owned & operated Alternative Financing company, we continue to help many Realtors, Mortgage Brokers & Lenders with their homebuyers and borrowers.

Call us at 707-523-2099 and we will let you know how we can help! 

Recently Funded

Location: San Rafael, Marin County
Finance Program: Temporary Refinance Primary Residence
Loan Size: $700,000 with 54% LTV
Days To Finish: 17
Why Needed Us: Credit circumstances making other lenders disapprove the loan.

Location:  Palm Springs, Riverside County
Finance Program: Investment Property Equity Cash-Out
Loan Size: $322,000 with 64% LTV
Days To Finish: 3
Why Needed Us: Needed very fast financing. 

Location: Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Business Purpose Refinance 
Loan Size: $390,000 with 60% LTV
Days To Finish: 9
Why Needed Us: Condition of property. Wanted financing to fix it up then sell it. 

Location:  Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County
Finance Program: Primary Residence Temporary Refinance 
Loan Size: $350,000 with 26% LTV
Days To Finish: 13
Why Needed Us: Self-employed with difficult to prove income. 

Location:  San Leandro, Alameda County
Finance Program: Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size: $682,000 with 63% LTV
Days To Finish: 15
Why Needed Us: Poor credit

The Year In Review

The Year In Review

While reviewing 2019, here at Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate we were happily surprised by some of the significant accomplishments we achieved, resulting in many more homeowners and home-buyers getting the financing they were hoping for!

As we embark on our 32nd year in the real estate & mortgage business, we are proud to be able to continue to help many other Realtors, Mortgage Brokers & Lenders and their Borrowers & Buyers with our alternative financing, also known as Hard Money/Private Money Loans. 


Over this past year we grew our family of borrowers to more than 10,000!  Some of our happy clients have been kind enough to send us “kudos”, like this one below: 

“To the Super Heroes in White Hats!  What can be said about the incredible family business that you have created.  Here are a few things to start with…

As FAST as ‘THE FLASH’, your efficiency and cohesiveness as a team is unmatched & always produces speed that rivals sound. True ‘CAPTAINS OF AMERICAN’ Lending, you guys are blazing the way through complications & compliances of old lending and are true pioneers of the future.  As HEROIC as ‘HE-MAN’, time and again you do the heavy lifting to ensure security for your trusting clients! For all that you do THANK YOU!   With much gratitude.”
M.F. Family

As the quote above depicts, we are known for our fast funding and quick closings.  While always finding a way to make a scenario work when others have given up, we are known for making the alternative financing process a smooth and pleasant experience:  https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/hard-money-loans-us/  


Many referring real estate agents and mortgage lenders & brokers have joined our family this past year entrusting their clients to us when they were unable to assist them in procuring a loan.  We expertly handled matching up private investors with close to 240 loans last year, with the respective borrower and their lender or realtor happy with the outcome: https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/brokers-and-lenders-info/

Below is what just a few of our satisfied referring lenders and agents had to say: 

“What I liked most about working with you was your SPEED. My borrowers/clients were happily satisfied. You are our go-to for Owner Occupied hard money, so I definitely refer you to anyone!”
Bank Acct Manager, E.G. 

“This is my 3rd file with you Ken, in less than 30 days, and each interaction with you has been pleasant, casual, professional and I’ve had nothing but praises for you and Sun Pacific.   I’m looking forward to much continued business with you and Sun Pac.”
D.M. – Broker


This trust that our borrowers and referring Agents have in us extends to our faithful following of investors: https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/invest-in-trust-deeds/

Our thorough vetting process of all the loans that come through our office, before presenting them to our investors, has gained us many loyal investors who feel comfortable funding our available deeds of trusts.  Again, last year we financed over $100million in Notes!  

From one of our Private Investors: These guys are very local and well trusted.  Forest has been around a while and stakes his family reputation on his business performance.  In the past year, my husband and I have used him for investment opportunities and appreciate working with him and his get-it-all-done Sister Processor.  I am very satisfied and appreciative of Sun Pacific.”

To all our borrowers, lenders, real estate agents, and investors, we thank you for your part in making 2019 one of the best of our 32 years!  2020 has started off with a bang, and we are looking forward to serving you with the same integrity and professionalism you have experienced from us in the past.

Loan of the Week – Just In Time For Your Valentine!

valentines day

Everyone Loves Bigger & Faster Loans!

We can help make this Valentines Day better for you or your client by providing fast financing with our alternative loan programs – just as we did below: 

Loan of the Week

A mortgage broker in Brisbane, CA reached out to us for assistance with one of his clients, who was unable to obtain financing because of a few issues with his credit report. 

This client was trying to finance a business transaction using his primary residence as collateral, a reasonable solution since he had considerable equity in it.  He needed $470,000 to solve his problem. 

After examining the opportunity, we found this loan fit into our two main Hard Money qualifications of good equity/decent down payment and ability to repay the loan.  We quickly gathered the needed documentation and had his financing funded in less than 12 days!


If you or someone you know needs a fast loan this Valentines, or there is difficulty getting real estate financing with another lending institution, give us a call at 707-523-2099 or just reply here.  We’ll quickly let you know what we can do for you!

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