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Sonoma County Real Estate Snapshot In March

Apr 20, 2021  , , , , , , ,

Q4 2019 Sonoma and Napa Counties Real Estate Reports

Living in Sonoma County has proven to be more difficult over the last year due to the restrictions imposed, however, that has not stopped or slowed down the continued good health in the real estate market here!

The following data regarding single-family residences obtained from the county’s MLS will shine a light on just how “healthy” the market has managed to remain through all the other obstacles it faced:

  • Average sold price/square foot: $504 (+18% Year To Year)
  • Median price: $740,000
  • Average price:  $945,000

Individually, towns within Sonoma County have had some record-breaking numbers to mention:

  • Town of Sonoma:  $773psf (+55% YTY)
  • Sonoma coast: $836psf (+38% YTY)
  • Russian River area: $458psf (+31% YTY)
  • Petaluma West Side: $595psf (+29% YTY)
  • Northwest Santa Rosa: $441psf (+23% YTY)
  • Southwest Santa Rosa: $451psf (+23% YTY)
  • Cloverdale: $372psf (+22% YTY)
  • Southeast Santa Rosa: $423psf (+11%YTY)
  • Petaluma Eastside:  $442psf (+11%YTY)
  • Cotati/Rohnert Park: $390psf (+8%YTY)
  • Healdsburg: $757psf (+7%YTY)
  • Northeast Santa Rosa: $447psf (+6%YTY)
  • Sebastopol: $520psf (+4%YTY)
  • Oakmont: $377psf (-1%YTY)
  • Windsor: $331psf (-14%YTY)

It was certainly hard to predict last year at this time that the housing market would look like this today!  What will tomorrow bring to the market?  Stay tuned!

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