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Sonoma County Real Estate Kicks Off In 2021

Sonoma County Real Estate Kicks Off In 2021

If there was ever a question regarding the health of Sonoma County’s real estate market, it was answered during the 2nd week of January 2021.

Based on information obtained from MLS data, here are some solid facts to confirm the upward trajectory of the market just as the year is jetting into 2021:

  • Active Listings:  557 over the 554 the previous week.
  • Sold:  78 over the 71 the prior week.
  • Coming Soon:  20 over 17 in the previous week.
  • Santa Rosa Active Listings:  256 which is just about level with the previous week of 257.

With strong demand from buyers, sellers can be assured of a quick close to their listing.  Call your real estate agent soon to get started on your way to finding a path to financial security and a better life.

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