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Skillful Summer Success

Surfingken A Realtor Called Me Regarding A Home Loan That Her Client Was Having Difficulty Getting Approved. The Buyer Wanted To Purchase A New Home In Orange County And Needed A Jumbo Loan Of $875K.  Partially Using Equity From His Existing House, He Was Coming In With 50% Of The Purchase Price, Made Good Income And Had Good Credit.  The Property Was Under Construction And, Therefore, Did Not Qualify For Other Loan Programs.

Owner Occupied Bridge/Temporary Loan
San Juan Capistrano, California

A Realtor called me regarding a home loan that her client was having difficulty getting approved. The buyer wanted to purchase a new home in Orange County and needed a jumbo loan of $875K.  Partially using equity from his existing house, he was coming in with 50% of the purchase price, made good income and had good credit.  The property was under construction and, therefore, did not qualify for other loan programs.

This is where I came in with our Hard Money lending.  This type of loan is not a disqualification or a turn-off for any of our private investors.  The home buyer intended to complete the construction and would refinance once it qualified for traditional financing.

With such a positive loan to value and the Borrower’s other great qualifications, I had this loan approved and funded in no time.  Both the Realtor and buyer were extremely happy when this transaction closed in under 3 weeks!

If you or someone you know is having difficulty with loan approval for a purchase or even a refinance, call me at 707-523-2099.  I would be more than happy to let you know how we can help with a Hard Money loan.

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