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Recently Funded – We Can Do Big Deals

Not every Lender or Broker can fund Jumbo Loans nor can they rescue those troubled deals that just can’t seem to get loan approval.

Give us a shot and see how good we can be!

FkWe have seen an increase in larger size loans, also known as Jumbo Loans (greater than $417,000), and in speaking with other Brokers and Realtors, as well as Home Buyers, we have discovered a need for financing of such larger loans.

We can finance jumbo size loans, throughout Sonoma County, the Peninsula, all North Bay areas actually, central California, southern California and, honestly, anywhere in California! We have been a deal-saver more times than you may realize.

The following funded deals through our office hopefully give you an idea as to how we can help.

Recently Funded Transactions:

We finance Jumbo loans, Bridge and short term loans, Primary Residence or Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases for single and multiple units, some commercial and land. Get our financing despite credit score, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!

Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Bridge Loan for Primary Residence
Amount: $420,000
Days to fund: 24 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Needed fast loan to buy new home as still selling current

Monte Sereno, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Refinance/Trust/Owner Occupied
Amount: $1,023,000
Days to fund: 29 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, difficult to prove income

Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma County)
Loan Type: Investment Property Refinance
Amount: $350,000
Days to fund: 16 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Owns multiple properties and credit issues

Cupertino, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Refinance/Trust/Non-Owner Occupied
Amount: $700,000
Days to fund: 30 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Bankruptcy in recent years

Apple Valley, CA (San Bernardino County)
Loan Type: Primary Residence Purchase Temporary
Amount: $441,600
Days to fund: 19 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Self Employed, and credit issues

San Jose, CA (Santa Clara County)
Loan Type: Owner Occupied Business Purpose 2nd
Amount: $300,000
Days to fund: 22 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Condition of property, working to upgrade it

Nipomo, CA (San Luis Obispo County)
Loan Type: Refinance of Commercial Property
Amount: $400,000
Days to fund: 25 days
Not Qualified Elsewhere: Divorce circumstances adversely affected credit score

Click this link for our rate sheet, showing the programs we offer

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