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Recently Funded – Keeping On

All Ca Financing March 2020

Keeping Busy. Keeping Safe.
Keeping Loans Happening!

Refinancing, home buying and investment purchases continue throughout California as the real estate market maintains its strength despite current circumstances.

For those of you needing any fast financing assistance or having difficulty elsewhere with approval or funding, our family company is ready to help with our Hard Money loan programs!

Call us at 707-523-2099 and we’ll quickly respond with what we can do for you.

Recently Funded with Alternative Financing

Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Finance Program:  Primary Residence Bridge Loan
Loan Size:  $647,000
Days to Close:  13
Purpose of Loan:  Needed a loan so they could purchase new home before their present home sold.

Location:  Palm Springs, Riverside County
Finance Program:  Primary Residence Temporary Refinance
Loan Size:  $450,000
Days to Close:  15
Purpose of loan:  Property condition disqualified for conventional financing and borrower wanted to fix up property to resell for higher return.

Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Finance Program:  Investment Property Temporary Refinance
Loan Size:  $670,000
Days to Close:  20
Purpose of loan:  Difficult to prove income.

Location: Huntington Beach, Orange County
Finance Program:  Primary Residence Temporary Refinance
Loan Size:  $525,000
Days to Close:  23
Purpose of Loan:   Wanted to do debt consolidation and improve FICO score.

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