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Real Estate Statistics for July 2021 – San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Aug 24, 2021  , , , , , , ,

Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Reports for last month show that the Peninsula is still a hot commodity. Homes are flying off the shelf with selling prices well above the asking price. Buyers can still expect to engage in bidding wars knowing that unless they get creative with their offer, they will probably lose out. All you need to do is examine the activity from July to see that real estate remains an extraordinarily strong seller’s market.

Menlo Park:  

  • D.O.M.: 6
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,563,025 ($175,125 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 16% ABOVE asking price

Foster City:

  • D,O.M.:  8
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,322,710 ($39,710 BELOW 6/21)
  • 16% ABOVE asking price


  • D.O.M.: 9
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,290,884 ($114,368 BELOW 6/21)
  • 17% ABOVE asking price

San Carlos:

  • D.O.M.:  11
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2.659,670 ($120,812 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 12% ABOVE asking price

San Mateo:

  • D.O.M.:  13
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,368,985 ($358,062 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 14% ABOVE asking price


  • D.O.M.:  11
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $3,101,173($8,738 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 5% ABOVE asking price

In this market speed is everything!  On the Peninsula in July, the average days on the market ranged from 6 days to 13 days. That doesn’t give a Buyer any time to dilly-dally.

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