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Real Estate – Best Investment for Past 5 Years!

Investments Despite The Volatility Of The Real Estate Market In The Past, Most Americans, Particularly Gen X’s, Believe In The Long-Term Advantages Of Property Ownership.  A Recent Article In Keeping Current Matters Stated That 2011 Saw Gold As The Choice For 34% Of Investors, But Today Those Same Investors Are Turning To Real Estate As Their Number One Investment.  The Other Choices For Money Growth Fall Into 3 Categories:

Despite the volatility of the real estate market in the past, most Americans, particularly Gen X’s, believe in the long-term advantages of property ownership.  A recent article in Keeping Current Matters stated that 2011 saw gold as the choice for 34% of investors, but today those same investors are turning to real estate as their number one investment.  The other choices for money growth fall into 3 categories:

  • 26% of investors are counting on the stock market
  • 17% are still investing in gold
  • 15% like the old, safe but slow growing, stand-by:  savings accounts

Besides the financial benefits of real estate investing, there are the powerful emotional reasons for buying a home.  Most real estate buyers or investors are looking for long-term stability needed to raise a family, the security of ownership, the space to “do your own thing”, and the ability to make changes to suit your living style.

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