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Quick, helpful, holiday tip from me, Owner


Thanksgiving Real Estate and Lending TIP for you.

Gif Thanksgiving Real Estate And Lending Tip For You.


Gif Thanksgiving Real Estate And Lending Tip For You.

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Quick, helpful, holiday tip from me,


Holidays are upon us and I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!  Here’s a very short video and article that CAN HELP YOU this Holiday season, as an individual Homebuyer or as an Agent with Homebuyers, who aren’t quite getting off the dime…


Wow, we are being hit by all sides these days. It is being blared across the air waves that it’s as bad as the 1920s.  Why would anyone buy?

Did you know that A LOT of people made money during that depression.  How?  They did not follow the pack.  This is very hard to do.  The best managers of money (Boone Pickens, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates – for example) are a different breed of cat.  They seem to operate opposite of the crowd.  They buy when no one else is and they will freely tell you to do the same.  It takes a brave soul to not follow the crowd.

There are statistics that show things are not as bad as they seem.  In Sonoma County home sales are up – way up.  First time buyers can finally afford to buy and they are.  There are multiple offers on many homes.  Homebuyer loans are getting approved and people are moving into these homes.  There are not as many homes on the market as there were at the peak in November 2008, which will serve to drive the prices up.  Consequentially rent is going up all around – sometimes more than you would pay for your monthly home mortgage!

The moral of the story is – Buy Now!  If you have the required down payment (as low as 3.5%) and can afford the monthly payment (average $1,420 monthly) – do not wait.

Look to the statistics of what is occurring in THIS market (Sonoma County, Marin County, etc…).  The statistics show a brisk market that is competitive and will only go up from here – so…. It’s times to buy!)

Gif Thanksgiving Real Estate And Lending Tip For You.

Owner is a CA DRE Broker with over 23 years experience in real estate and lending. He offers Hard money loans for those with bad credit, difficult-to-prove income, etc.  His number is (707) 523-2099. 

See website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com. DRE license #0146899 and NMLS #360993.

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