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Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

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Lenders Viewpoint
By Forest & Lynn Tardibuono

Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

After our Daughter ‘n Law (who is our Marketing Director) attended the local Sonoma County Tech Expo with seminars from experienced representatives of Trulia, Zillow and C.A.R., we all decided a list of the staple social networking, marketing and advertising sites for Real Estate Agents and Brokers would be helpful.

How can one keep up with the ever-changing and expanding, marketing and social networking world wide web, much less know which is the best avenue to take? You can’t! But you can profit from these with little of your own time exhausted, if you just know which ones to use.

The following list is based off almost 4 years of trial and error, weekly and monthly review of the response statistics of these avenues, as well as daily tracking of our calls into the office, for new loans and real estate interest. As these proved to be the most effective for our markets, we wanted to share so others could benefit as well.


Efficient/free advertising for promoting open houses, listings and your services:

Craigslist – free advertising, very popular site – one of top most ranked in USA.

Mountain – $.01 cent per email address
A large Agent based opt-in website. Allows you to easily build your own e-fliers and target specific areas. Great for promoting your open houses and new listings.


Free Marketing/Networking

Social networking is not just a “craze” anymore but a must. Communication is the highest surveyed button amongst consumers. Plus, networking can only increase the number of people who can discover you and see what you can offer.

LinkedIn – Professional networking, passing along tips, giving and getting referrals.

Facebook – Cocktail socializing, good to show how friendly and locally informed you are.

Trulia – Very popular real estate search site with consumers. Set up your own profile and virtually let MLS do the rest as it’s updated with your MLS info (you just have to “claim” your listings). There’s an advice area where you can answer questions and become the “one who knows and can helps”,
potentially picking up more business!

Zillow – Similar to Trulia site, so just set up a profile and away you go!


Free “Virtual Office”
(For those out of the office with clients most of the day)

Easy to set up, does not require anyone tech-savvy. It allows you 24/7 access your [office] computer files, applications and docs anytime and anywhere you have internet access. While out with clients, if you need to refer to something at the office on your computer, access it immediately from your smartphone or tablet (iPhone and Android compatible).
An online “share box”. Allows you to you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again and offers easy access for your Buyers, when they are not with you, to view your pictures of houses for sale, review docs, etc.
The above is by far not an end all, but, as a small family owned real estate and hard money loans company, it allows us not to spread ourselves too thin while accomplishing the reason behind social networking and internet marketing: make ourselves known to get more customers we can help!
Good luck with these.


Forest Tardibuono is a CA DRE Broker and the “Guy in the White Hat” – Your Hard Money Lender; Lynn Tardibuono is Realtor/Co-Owner and Flipper Chick of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County since 1988, servicing all Northern CA.

The content of this blog contains general advice only and does not consider individual financial circumstances, desired loan amounts or existing real estate or lending transactions. This information is intended for licensed Real Estate Agents and licensed Lenders/Mortgage Brokers and is posted on our company website and specific blog sites with the express purpose of reaching such licensed individuals.

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