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Production Is The Basis Of Morale

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Hopefully this will remind you too, that bad news can stop you in your tracks. And this can’t be good for your business!

Sorry, we are going down memory lane…our kids house burnt down in the October 2017 fires here in Santa Rosa. We have been looking back on how we weathered that event, when local businesses and production went on a sudden standstill. But there were those home town heroes who jumped right into production and started helping.

This past Sunday we drove Coffee Park and were amazed at the action going on there!

It reminded us that bad news stops you in your tracks. The mind thinks, “why bother, all is so bad….”.

The cure for that is out-creating “the norm” and producing – like the workers are doing all over Coffee Park and Fountain Grove! You immediately feel better and want to help.


To Our Home Town Heroes – Thank You!!


We know that getting back to work and producing makes one feel better. Here are some examples of local heroes who are doing just this, out-creating any imagined “miserableness” of conditions:

 All throughout Coffee Park are rebuilt houses newly occupied, houses being built by-the-dozen with workers working (on a Sunday!). Neighbors outside and helping or talking to each other. It was great to see!

 Driving around on Saturday revealed so many open houses, street corner after street corner with Open House signs. A lot of Realtors working over the weekend to show the multitudes of houses for sale!

 Tight teamwork being done between professionals: A Realtor, Insurance agent and ourselves as the Hard Money lender to get fire-survivors a fast loan. They wanted to make a strong offer to buy a new home right away, while their lot was being sold as they were done with renting.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 707-523-2099 or email us back with any questions or scenarios. We are working every day to keep getting loans funded and escrows closed fast!


Best, Lynn & Owner – Owners of Sun Pacific Mortgage

PS: Our kids, Broker and Loan Originator, got their foundation rebuilt and the framing has begun. Hopefully by end of year they will have a new home. Exciting!

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