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Private Mortgage Investing Is Ripe – Especially With Us!

What a great time to be a Hard Money Investor, property values are just continuing to go up. Since 2012 private money loan borrowers has only been increasing as it’s the only game in town after B of A and Wells Fargo tell the Borrower “no”. Borrowers who have poor credit or difficult-to-prove income due to being self employed but have a decent down payment or existing equity know that they can most likely get a loan from us, despite being turned down elsewhere.

Anyone with money can invest and become a Private Mortgage Investor. It’s easier than you would think.

As the Broker of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, I have dealt with Private Investors for over 25 years and we have become known for our integrity and honesty. Numerous friendships have been formed not only with Investors but with our Borrowers, due to the smoothness and honesty of service to both.

Becoming a Private Investor can earn you upwards of 13% in return by investing in mortgages. And by investing in real estate mortgages your investment is secured. Investing in mortgages isn’t only buying or selling of mortgages at a discount. It includes directly lending your hard money to individuals and securing that loan with a mortgage against their real estate.

I promote purchase loans as well as refinance loans and these can be at any LTV up to 75%. Right now the predominant offerings are purchase loans with 30% down. These loans should be made as the security is at its lowest valuation in years and the Buyer is putting 30% down. With that down payment, there is plenty of protective equity. Further, with that down payment the homeowner is not likely to walk away from the property.

As a Private Investor you can set the yield on the promissory note with the interest rate, points and prepayment penalties. Many individuals have started or are continuing as a Private Mortgager Investor as they can secure a consistent monthly income from it. It can be an excellent cash flow for someone retired or looking to set up their retirement funds.

For example, a private investment recently done for an individual to buy a home came to $196,000 with a rate of 12% and the Investor gets a monthly return of $1,960. Homeowner is very happy and intends to refinance down the line for lower rate but gets the home they’ve been searching for!

A Private Mortgage Investor is also known as:

  1. Private Mortgage Lender
  2. Hard Money Investor
  3. Hard Money Lender


These are all private individuals lending their money directly to the borrower with a promissory note with interest rates, points and prepayment penalties the investor sets, and securing that promissory note with a real estate mortgage.

Private Mortgage Investing is ripe. Time to jump on the bandwagon with Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate and get a good taste!

If you are interested in investing with us then Call Our Office at (707) 523-2099 and ask to speak to me, FOREST – The Guy in the White Hat!


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